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‘You Might Be Disgusted With Me Because I Sweat So Much’: Alexandra Daddario Never Feels Too Comfortable During Her Yoga Dates With Guys – Animated Times

Alexandra Daddario, the perpetually gorgeous Hollywood actress, was surprisingly more famous for her looks than her acting potential. The stunning blue eyes and appealing looks were the reason why she has attracted so many handsome men from the entertainment industry. The actress, who will finally settle down with Andrew Form in 2022, is currently focused on her career and family.

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario on her love life

Previously, in a 2017 interview, Daddario opened up about her love life after being romantically linked to Disney teenage crush Zac Efron. Alexandra Daddario spoke openly about dating several Hollywood handsome men. The 37-year-old actress even mentioned her yoga dates and awkward moments.

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Alexandra Daddario on a romantic dating tour

After being seen as an *x symbol over the years, Alexandra Daddario has been romantically linked to several Hollywood heartthrobs. Known for her stunning beauty and exquisite talent, the 37-year-old actress began dating Zac Efron following her novel Baywatch Filming in 2017. Although the two never officially declared their love for each other, sources close to them mentioned that the two “see each other“.

Alexandra DaddarioAlexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario is linked to Zac Efron

Previously linked to her co-star Logan Lerman in 2016, Daddario was known for dating Trey Songz in 2011 and Jason Fuchs between 2006 and 2009. Finally, Daddario opened up about her love life. In conversation with women healththe actress explained: “I’m dating, but I’m really nervous around guys. I become very timid.” She mentioned trying Tinder to meet the love of her life. “I thought maybe I’ll meet the love of my life there.” Daddario shared. However, it didn’t work out because people recognized her as a famous personality. “But people recognized me and it’s embarrassing‘ she mentioned.

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Alexandra Daddario’s Path to Seeking a Keeper

In addition, Alexandra Daddario spoke extensively about her love life and mentioned her dating tour. There was a time when the actress was desperate to find her perfect match. So she tries out new ideas to put her dates to the test. The 37-year-old expressed her ways of finding the real goalkeeper,

I’ve been on yoga dates with guys, which I love. They might be disgusted with me because I sweat so much, but that’s how you know if they’re a goalkeeper.”

Alexandra Daddario Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario married Andrew Form

But soon the actress got involved in several projects and could no longer focus on her love life. As she occupied herself with her work, Daddario explained, “It’s amazing how things have changed.” The Baywatch The actress decided to focus on her career instead of finding love. She found excitement in her career,”I do projects I love, meet cool people, go to cool parties. The little kid in me is screaming, “Holy shit, what am I doing here?”

Alexandra Daddario left her love life to her fate and focused on her career. She went through a major change in her life. She finally found her true love in Andrew Form when she met him during the 2020 pandemic. Daddario opened up about her new relationship with the producer and got married in June 2022 in a bottom line,”Big easy“Ceremony in New Orleans.

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Source: Daily mail

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