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Lion symbolism: the meaning behind the king of the jungle

The realm of dreams is also a place to connect and gain insight and information as signs and messages appear in waking life. “There is great wisdom to be learned when Lion appears in our dreams, especially when we become curious and use our intuition to discern what message Lion is revealing,” says Harmon-Luber.

Emotions also play an important role in deciphering what the dream could mean. “You can associate negative dreams with lions with your fears, suppressed instincts, and fears,” says Aúgusta, who notes, “If the lion in your dream is peaceful, it can be taken as a sign of happiness and good luck.”

Harmon-Luber also tells us about a powerful dream she had with a lion a few years ago – and how it helped her gain perspective on what she needed to change in her life. “A lethargic, tired, unhappy lion lay in a corner while there was a lot of happy activity going on around it,” she tells mindbodygreen. “I dreamed this at a time when I was overwhelmed with a demanding full-time job, writing my book, and basically the candle is burning at both ends.

The message was clear that she needed to change her life. “The exhausted, sad dream lion – without its typical strength, courage and wild life energy – was a message I needed to take better care of myself so I could regain my personal power and strength and participate more fully in the joy could of life,” shares Harmon-Luber.

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