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Are you annoyed that the yoga leggings don’t fit? Try this trick

Encountered that people yoga leggings don’t fit? Try this trick

If sisters are an avid online shopper, chances are they’ve been in this situation before. when an ad for the perfect yoga leggings pops up again and again on Instagram or in the Tiktok feed. The ads feature videos of various women unpacking their new package and trying on their coveted yoga leggings, which fit perfectly every time. Girls watch enough of these videos that they finally decide to buy and try these trendy leggings. Girls think, “They fit so many of these women, so why wouldn’t they fit her?” After much anticipation, the girls package finally arrives in the mail and can’t help but try on the new yoga leggings only to find that … they don’t look like the ads on her. In fact, they’re totally unflattering and, worse, they feel unbearably tight.

It happens. Before people blame their poor fit on false advertising, or blame themselves, or put the yoga leggings back in the original packaging and ship them back, try this trick. There’s a very easy and free way to make seemingly unflattering yoga leggings fit like a glove.

Push-your-yoga-leggings-don't-fit-try-this-tug-trick towards the middle of your pants

First put on the new, uncomfortable yoga leggings. It may be easier to sit during this next step. Starting at your ankle (or the bottom of your leggings), grab a glob of the yoga leggings material and pull it up. Then grab the same lump again and keep pulling it up. If you are sitting, the sisters can now stand to complete this step. Reach further and hike up the clumped material. However, it is important that at this point you start pulling towards the middle of the pant. Continue pulling the fabric towards the center until you reach the waist. Then repeat on the other side.

do you notice a difference After grabbing and hiking up the material, the yoga leggings should not only feel more comfortable but also look a lot more flattering.

People might wonder why they need to use this trick in the first place. This dilemma sometimes occurs with yoga leggings that contain spandex material. That’s because spandex is designed to hold its shape. While this is a great aspect of activewear, it can make the material a bit unruly. Sometimes all you have to do is manipulate the material to fit their shape. After that, the yoga leggings should fit like a glove.

Try this trick before throwing away a new pair of seemingly ill-fitting yoga leggings. Also, this is a good trick for putting on yoga leggings after the sisters just took a shower. If sisters have tried putting on something with spandex right after getting wet, Great mate will know how uncomfortable and difficult the process can be.


If sisters have tried this trick and unfortunately the yoga leggings still aren’t flattering, then maybe it’s best to return them or try a different size. They deserve yoga leggings that feel and look good, and there are plenty of options out there for them. If sisters want to learn how to find the perfect yoga leggings or pants for you, check out our women’s yoga pants or leggings buyer’s guide. You can also check out all of our amazing yoga leggings and activewear options at There you will find yoga leggings for every shape, size and occasion.

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