Street Fighter 6 – Jamie Movalist’s Guide (The Devil Inside, Buckeye & More) 

One of the best parts of a new Street Fighter game is seeing the new characters that come with Capcom, and one of the most interesting is Jamie, 

a drunken fist fighter whose style and combo abilities force him to reconnect. does. Of course, 

to become that force, you have to become familiar with Jamie’s abilities. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Jamie’s movelist in Street Fighter 6, including his special moves, overdrives (EX moves), unique moves, super arts, and critical arts. 

Jamie is a drunken fist boss, so naturally he must be drunk to become more powerful. While performing The Devil Inside,  

Jamie will be seen taking a sip of his drink, and holding down the button will cause him to giggle incessantly.  

Taking a swipe will leave you vulnerable, so it’s best to only do it after a hard knockdown or when you’re at full screen. 

Jamie starts from zero and has four levels of addiction, with each unlocking new moves. If you’re playing Jamie, your goal is to mark.