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Why the challenge requires tighter security measures after Olivia’s accident

The challenge needs new and better security measures. Olivia Kaiser’s injury is the latest example of the show’s questionable safety practices.

The challenge: Ride or die needs stricter safety measures, which became clear after Olivia Kaiser’s frightening accident in the first part of the finale. Olivia and her ride-or-die partner Horacio Gutiérrez put in excellent performances throughout the season and in the first part of the 100 Days Finale. Despite being newbies, the two had a great chance to prevail against the other 3 teams and crown themselves the winners ride or die. After finishing the initial task (a long and arduous bike ride on the stationary bike) in first place, Olivia and Horacio seemed to be the front runners of the final.


Unfortunately, Olivia quickly ran into trouble on the second task, which required contestants to throw bolas at a target. The carabiner connecting the bolas caught Olivia’s finger, cutting it open and causing him to bleed profusely. Determined to beat the strong line-up of Challenge Finalists, Olivia prevailed after wrapping her finger. On completing a task that required couples to sling a golf ball at a target several feet away, the slingshot snapped back and the ball hit Olivia in the face. Despite her pleas to proceed, Olivia was medically disqualified and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Horacio was also not allowed to take part in the final.

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Extreme injuries were common in the challenge

Stricter security measures are required The challenge, given the numerous injuries in the show’s history sustained prior to Olivia’s incident. It is clear that many injuries could easily be prevented with the right equipment. Speak with diversityexplained Olivia, “If it had hit me in the eye, I would have either lost my eye or died because the golf ball would likely have gone right behind my eyeball.” Although The challenge The edit didn’t allow for discussion of the full extent of Olivia’s injury, it was evident that she narrowly escaped a potentially life-threatening hit.

Proper safety equipment is required for the challenge

Olivia Kaiser's injury at The Challenge.

At The challengeit has become commonplace for participants to risk their health and safety to win each season. While The Challenge: Bloodlines, Tony Raines was struck while jumping from one floating platform to another, and his spleen ruptured. This led to emergency surgery to have the organ removed. Popular challenge competitor Jenna Compono broke her foot and smashed her heel as she surfaced The challenge: champions against stars. An intensive operation with metal plates was required. Although competitors have to go The challenge In order to recover from their injuries, production should take note of the frequency of injuries before they happen further.

Olivia’s injuries could have been prevented with stricter security measures. The bolas should not be connected to a carabiner that could easily pinch participants’ fingers. Likewise, participants should have been given goggles next to their helmets during the slingshot activity. When the slingshot challenge was used in a previous episode, challengers Jordan Wiseley and Faysal Shafaat were given goggles, indicating the production recognized the potential risk to contestants’ eyes and faces. Had Olivia also been given proper safety gear to cover her eyes, the injury might not have been as extensive.

While it is natural for some injuries to occur during a competitive physical show, the frequency of injuries is increasing The challenge is worrying. Olivia and Horacio had good chances to win The Challenge: Ride or die, but they were robbed of their chance by the incident. Olivia’s determination to continue despite her condition has been admirable and she and Horacio are likely to return for future seasons. Hopefully, The challenge: ride or die will commit to higher safety standards for its players and no future competitor will have to experience the level of pain that Olivia felt.

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Source: Variety

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