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Stranger Things Writers’ Room debunk eleven spinoff reports

The Stranger Things writers’ room debunks reports of an Eleven spinoff series after claims Millie Bobby Brown has signed a new Netflix deal.

The official account for the stranger things Writers’ Room has debunked false claims that star Millie has signed Bobby Brown to direct a new eleven-centric spinoff series. The hit Netflix series, developed by Matt and Ross Duffer, is currently entering its fifth and final season, with Season 5 slated to begin filming in May this year. Last year’s Season 4 finale left audiences with a chilling cliffhanger as Vecna’s Upside Down incursion now threatens the entire Hawkins community. After these disturbing events stranger things Season 5 is expected to pull together all the threads from the show’s previous seasons in an emotional and climactic finale that the Duffer brothers claim brought Netflix executives to tears.


During stranger things Season 5 will be the final appearance of the show, the Duffer brothers have also teased a potential spin-off once the main series wraps up. Recently, unsubstantiated reports began circulating that Brown has committed to reprising her role as Eleven at the center of such a series.

However, the official Twitter account for the stranger things Writers’ room was quick to shoot them down. These latest rumors stem from the revelation that Brown’s co-star Finn Wolfhard accidentally guessed the premise behind the Duffer brother’s proposed spin-off series. Exactly what these plans entail, however, is currently still a closely guarded secret.

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What we know about plans for a Stranger Things spinoff series

Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Sadie Sink, Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer in Season 3 of Stranger Things.

During a podcast interview last year, the Duffer brothers confirmed that they are indeed in the process of actively developing a new spin-off set in the same world as stranger things. However, they have hinted that the new show will “1000% different‘, although it will retain the same storytelling sensibility. While the pair also revealed that there would be some narrative connections between the two shows, they also made it very clear that they didn’t want to revisit familiar territory that had already been covered in the original stranger things.

Given the creators’ previous comments, it seems unlikely that Brown would return as Eleven, whatever the new spinoff series will be. The brothers turned down calls for an Eleven or Steve and Dustin series, making it clear they had no interest in returning to those characters.because we have done all this.They’ve also quashed speculation that the fork could possibly follow another “number” from the experiments being conducted at the Hawkins Lab. This also rules out a possible focus on the character of Kali or Eight, which was introduced first stranger things Season 2.

Exactly which path the Duffer brothers will take isn’t clear just yet, but it’s possible that the main connective tissue between the original series and the new spinoff could be the existence of Upside Down. During stranger things Season 4 has gone a long way in explaining Vecna ​​and Hawkins relationship to the nightmarish realm, a new series could potentially explore and expand on their mythology with a whole new cast of characters. To further differentiate stranger things, the new spin-off could also be set in a very different time than the 1980s. Whatever the Duffer brothers have planned, the duo are undoubtedly hoping their new spin-off has the same tremendous success as stranger things.

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