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What to do if Netflix has stopped password sharing on your account: 4 options

As of May 23, 2023, in the United States: Netflix Password sharing between account members and people outside their household has been stopped, but users have some options. For years, the streaming platform giant made it easy for cohabiting users to take over their existing credentials and access a joint account by simply creating different profiles, but now it wants new subscribers. Members who currently only share their account with people in their immediate household will not be impacted by this new rule and will continue to be able to access most of their basic features while traveling or at home, as well as some new features designed to enrich their experience while making it slimmer.

Reports have been looming since 2022, and as of March this year, Netflix was already testing features to be implemented in its password sharing regulations. The most significant changes apply to all Netflix account holders who share access to their accounts with people living outside of their immediate household. Netflix’s Password Sharing Policy doesn’t put a complete ban on who can access a subscriber’s account, but it does mean changes to how members share a Netflix account. This includes adding more members on top of what they’re already paying each month, transferring accounts to ensure they only include household members, and other options that vary by price.

Why Netflix is ​​removing password sharing

After reporting subscriber losses last year, the streaming giant has decided to crack down on password sharing outside of the home. “The numbers say it all. Netflix lost nearly a million subscribers between April and July 2022 when people decided to cancel the service.” (above forbes). That same June, Netflix introduced advertising to its service for subscribers who didn’t mind watching ads if it meant a lower monthly rate, and now anyone who “borrows” from someone else’s Netflix account must have their own Pay subscription offers a variety of different plan options tailored to each subscriber’s budgetary needs.

RELATED: Netflix’s 25 Most Watched Movies of All TimeAt a time when Netflix subscribers are already complaining about the worst remaining Netflix Originals while new programs are shelved, Netflix claims that the loss of users is hurting their revenue and their ability to invest in “great new TV and movies.” , impaired (above Netflix). The company stopped promoting the “sharing is caring” mentality five years ago and has now moved on to taking a step back in the face of streaming competition from Hulu, Disney+, and Prime. As earning opportunities continue to remain tenuous, Netflix has found a way to look for new ways to acquire subscribers. However, for members with existing accounts, there are a few ways to get around this.


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4 Netflix users on a Standard plan can add an additional member for $7.99

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The good news is that password sharing isn’t gone for good, just not for free and only on a specific plan. Currently, a Basic plan with ads is $6.99 per month, a Basic plan without ads is $9.99, and a separate Standard plan that allows Netflix subscribers is $7.99 per month Adding an additional member to their account outside of their immediate household costs $15.49. Currently, subscribers on the Standard plan are the only ones allowed an additional account sharing slot for nearly 50% of the monthly price, and while an additional member has their own username and login, ultimately the owner of the account will foot the bill .

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If Netflix account holders have the Premium plan, they pay $19.99 and can add up to two additional membership accounts for people outside of their immediate household for $7.99 each. Each of these people has a profile with their own login and password as well as personalized recommendations. This does mean, however, that two additional member accounts cost the same price as owning a premium plan, which might be encouraging for some people who have previously “borrowed” a friend’s account to get their own . As always, Premium plan subscribers can download content across six supported devices and watch 4K movies on Netflix with Netflix spatial audio.

2 Existing Netflix profiles can be transferred to a new account

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If Netflix subscribers have multiple additional profiles linked to the account from viewers outside of their household, they have the option to transfer them to new accounts of their own. As Netflix continues to crack down, anyone with a profile outside of the subscriber’s household will be encouraged to sign up for their own Netflix membership, which includes Basic with Ads, Basic, Standard, and Premium plans ‘ available for purchase. All Netflix account holders can manage their profiles (and those of their added additional members) in the “Manage Access and Devices” section, which includes “Transfer Profile” and everything else they need to optimize their Netflix experience.

1 Netflix’s ad tier is the cheapest option for an individual account

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The cheapest option for an individual account is Netflix’s Ad tier, the base package with ads for $6.99 per month. It’s supported on two devices at once, and like the other plans, it has room for up to five additional profiles for people living in the same household. Unfortunately, the resolution is only 720p HD and Netflix account holders don’t have the option to download their content to separate devices, but it could be perfect for a Netflix subscriber who doesn’t mind watching a few commercials featuring their favorite TV shows and movies.

As Netflix subscribers begin making changes to their accounts to align with the streaming platforms’ intent for password sharing within a household, plan areas and features could change. With over 100 million households sharing Netflix accounts, fans today have a wide variety of entertainment choices, and the confusion surrounding multi-streaming could impact their desire to stay with the platform. Netflix will have to see if its password-sharing regulations pay off as it continues to improve its service in the years to come, and fans will decide if the new TV shows and movies it’s producing at the mercy of new subscribers will be worth it.

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