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Travel News: Asia is reopening, and so are its coolest neighborhoods

By Lilit Marcus, CNN

Travel this week: Some of Asia’s toughest Covid-guidelines destinations are finally reopening, an annual ranking of the world’s coolest neighborhoods offers inspiration for your upcoming vacation plans, and Fat Bear Week weathers a cheating scandal to crown a new winner .

The trendiest hoods

Time Out has published its annual list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world.

Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico, is the global — and North American — epicenter of cool.

The neighborhood is “home to a creative community that pushes boundaries, a growing number of fantastic restaurants and some of the best nightclubs in the western hemisphere,” said Time Out’s James Manning.

The eclectic group also includes a classic foodie district in Montreal, an up-and-coming temple-base neighborhood in Siem Reap, and a seaside arts hub in England.

Find out if your own city – or your future vacation destination – made the cut.

If you want to get even more micro, Time Out also shared a list of the coolest roads in the world earlier this year.

Meanwhile, one of Europe’s coolest capitals is getting colder.

open bells

Although it may seem that the pandemic is one So Over the past year there have still been destinations – mainly in Asia – that have been slow to reopen to tourism.

These Covid-related restrictions are one of the reasons Asia Pacific is losing its title as the world’s largest travel market.

But finally the change is coming. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan are finally welcoming visitors back after more than two years of closure. However, there is still one major player in the region that still has a closed sign on its metaphorical door: China.

That means for the most populous country in the world.

And while we’re on the subject of China…

32 flavors and then some

When you say, “I’m hungry for Chinese food tonight,” what does that mean?

China has about 20 provinces, not to mention regions and municipalities. So what does it all boil down to (pun intended)?

This guide to Chinese food covers 32 essential dishes, from Cantonese-style steamed fish to Chaozhou’s best cold crab and Nanjing’s famous duck blood soup. You could spend your whole life eating without running out of new things to try.

The downside: China is still largely closed to tourists. The advantage: The doors of your next Chinese restaurant are open.

Taste the world

It’s impossible to watch CNN’s “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” (Sundays at 9 p.m. ET) without planning a big Italian feast.

In case you’re dreaming of your own Italian getaway, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants Tucci visited recently on the hit series. And here’s another list of restaurants he’s stopped at in previous episodes.

Delicious destinations in the Calabria region include: La Collinetta in the mountain town of Martone, where lamb is cooked in wet clay; the family-run Il Principe di Scilla, specializing in Calabrian swordfish; and Qafiz, a Michelin-star winner with a signature dessert of meringue flavored with charcoal, sliced ​​apple, and white chocolate foam.

And the food is only part of the show’s appeal.

The actor visited his family’s ancestral home in Marzi, Calabria, where nearly half the residents go by the surname Tucci. He tells CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that the experience he shared with his aging parents was “very emotional.”


The first few weeks of autumn 2022 have been rocked by cheating scandals in places you might not have expected – competitive fishing, Irish dancing and chess have all made headlines over allegations of unfair play.

And one of fall’s most adorable traditions — Alaska’s annual Fat Bear Week — wasn’t safe either.

The competition, which follows brown bears in Katmai National Park & ​​Preserve as they forage before their hibernation, was hit by a suspicious spam spam vote.

Luckily the mess was cleaned up in time and Bear 747 sailed to a truly deserved victory.

To celebrate his victory, let’s all celebrate with a salmon dinner and a nice long nap.

In case you missed it

Michelin has an updated travel guide for New York City.

And there are 19 newly awarded restaurants on the list.

To say chilies are important in New Mexico is an understatement.

Three words: red or green?

There is a Ghostbusters fire station for rent in Portland.

But are you brave enough to stay there?

eating at altitude

It’s true: food tastes different on a plane.

But our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN product reviews and recommendations guide, can ensure you never have a boring dinner at 10,000m.

With the help of award-winning chef Nina Compton, they’ve put together a list of carry-on friendly items that will enhance your in-flight dining experience.

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