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How to get the secret ending in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake provides a connection to Dead Space 2 Remake by offering a secret ending in New Game + mode that sets up the events of the sequel.

the Dead Space remake comes with a bunch of awesome upgrades, including a secret ending. Originally, the game’s protagonist, Isaac, was struck by a hallucination of his girlfriend Nicole while escaping Aegis VII. However, since the game has become its own franchise, the remake created an alternate ending to explain how Isaac survived this seemingly deadly encounter and continued through to the sequel.

Spoilers for Dead Space and Dead Space RemakeThe alternate ending is one of the biggest changes in the Dead Space remake and one of the most important. Instead of being attacked, players see that the interior of Isaac’s ship is covered in scribbles related to the marker. He informs Nicole’s hallucination that he plans to build something, also known as a new marker, that will continue the horrors of Aegis VII. To view the Dead Space remakeThe alternate ending in the New Game + mode requires players to collect twelve marker fragments found throughout the game’s chapters.


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Where to find all twelve Dead Space Remake secret ending marker fragments

Isaac places the marker fragments in the captain's quarters in Dead Space remake.

The alternative ending to Dead Space remake is only available after beating the game once and unlocking New Game+. New Game+ offers players a wide variety of special gear for the new playthrough, such as: B. More Power Nodes to improve in-game health Dead Space remake. Most chapters have a marker fragment hidden somewhere, but chapters 5 and 10 have two fragments while chapters 9 and 12 have none.

marker fragment


main goal




Find the data board

In the maintenance bay office, on a shelf next to the data panel.



Find a shock pad

In a hidden room accessed by a shelf in Dr. Kyne’s office is blocked.



Manually ignite the engines

Behind Power Sub-Station 03 in Engineering while working on the objective.



Diverting power from electrical systems

On the break room floor on floor 3.



Break the lockdown

On the desk of Dr. Mercer’s office, which looks great Dead Space remake‘s updated graphics.



Acquire the liquid nitrogen

On top of the cryochamber in Cryogenics on Floor 4.



Inject gasp 07

Stuck in a Wheezer 6 corruption in the East Grow Chamber.



Find the SOS signal

Found on a shelf within mineral samples in the mineral processing area, requires security clearance level 3.



Activate the communication array

Float in a large hole covered in corruption near the communications controls.



Destroy Tendril in the Chief Steward’s Office

Sitting on a desk by the information desks.



Destroy Tendril in the Deluxe Quarters

On a desk in the Crew Quarters Deluxe Shift Bunks.



Attack the cargo crane

On a shelf in the southeast corner of the cargo hold.

The Marker Fragments build on the franchise’s lore, just like Dead Space remakeThe other changes of are inspired by the universe as a whole and not just one game. This lore is further developed as players take all of their fragments to the Captain’s Quarters on Floor 3 and place them on the table around the larger marker. This depicts Isaac succumbing to the chaos of the marks and losing his mind as seen in the alternate ending for the Dead Space remake.

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  • Dead Space Remake Key Art

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    dead space 2

    EA Motive, developer of the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign, covers the next chapter in Dead Space’s sci-fi horror with a remake of the original Dead Space title. Set in the 26th century, engineer Isaac Clarke joins a team dispatched to investigate the recent radio silence that has occurred on the “planet cracker” ship, the USG Ishimura. Isaac’s stake is personal, as the last distress signal came from Isaac’s friend, Nicole Brennan. Unfortunately, their arrival is hardly inviting, as the team is immediately besieged by mutated, undead versions of Ishimura’s crew members. To save Nicole, all of the ship’s survivors, and himself, Isaac must learn to adapt and take down his enemies in seemingly unconventional ways. As in the original, the only way to kill the zombified crew is to sever their limbs with armed engineering tools Isaac procures. The Dead Space Remake will use some team members from Dead Space 2 and will be released on January 27th, 2023.

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