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Steve Austin Reveals Hollywood Megastar Inspired His Old Gimmick

WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is widely recognized as one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever step into the square circle. Despite this, he didn’t always have the same level of success as Austin made his debut in WWE as a ring master. That being said, Austin seems to have been inspired by a Hollywood megastar for his old gimmick.

Austin is a name synonymous with professional wrestling. His unique look with a shaved head, beard and jean shorts is one of the most iconic looks in the history of the sport. This look wasn’t always the case for Austin, however.

During his early days in WWE, he sported a clean-shaven look with a golden buzz cut. In a recent appearance on UpUpDownDown’s YouTube channel, Austin revealed that he wasn’t happy with his initial looks as he felt like a “raggamuffin”.

“We were working in Pittsburgh one night and I was out with Goldust. I still had the buzz haircut. I didn’t have a goatee. I looked at myself in the mirror and looked like a ragga muffin. I looked at myself and said, “Dude, what are you doing?” so I just shaved my head.

I went to the building that night and everyone was like, ‘Dude, why did you shave your head?’ The hair wouldn’t do me any good anyway. It was inspired by Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction.”

During a trip to Pittsburgh with fellow wrestler Goldust, Austin made the decision to change his appearance. Looking at himself in the mirror, he realized that the short haircut did not suit him and decided to shave his head.

Austin’s new look didn’t go unnoticed when he arrived at the building that evening. Everyone was curious as to why he shaved his head. Austin revealed his inspiration for the new look came from none other than Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis in the movie Pulp Fiction.

The decision to change his appearance turned out to be a great decision for Stone Cold Steve Austin. It became a part of his personality and set him apart from the other wrestlers in the industry. His shaved head and intense personality helped him become one of the biggest stars in WWE history.

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