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All 7 Hollywood stars met Christopher in The Sopranos

In addition to membership in The sopranosThe DiMeo crime family Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli) was an aspiring Hollywood screenwriter who reveled in every opportunity to mingle with movie stars. Aside from Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), Christopher had some of the best storylines out there The sopranos, from his struggles with addiction to his aspirations to become a big shot in Hollywood. Interestingly, when Christopher finally achieved his dreams, it marked the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with Tony.

In The sopranos Season 6, Christopher has successfully made a feature film, u Seen called a rip off cleaverThis was a thinly veiled admission of Christopher’s guilt in the murder of his friend and FBI informant Adriana La Cerva (Drea de Matteo). cleaver Also, a repulsive gangster character, Salvatore, played by Daniel Baldwin, showed the violent revenge fantasy played out against Baldwin’s character, Tony the bitter resentment his nephew Christopher felt towards him. However, Daniel Baldwin wasn’t the only Hollywood star Christopher met along the way The sopranosand here are all the actors, screenwriters and directors he came into contact with on his journey cleaver made.

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6 Martin Scorsese

It’s not the real Martin Scorsese starring Christopher and Adriana The sopranos Season 1, Episode 2, “46 Long”. However, the Martin Scorsese sopranos “Cameo” lays out Christopher’s ambitions as a filmmaker and draws a direct line to one of the show’s biggest influences. There are a few sopranos Stars who have also appeared in Scorsese’s gangster films, such as Frank Vincent, who played Phil Leotardo in them The sopranosand Billy “bats” in Goodfellas. Brilliantly, Christopher doesn’t mention any of Scorsese’s gangster films when he sees the filmmaker, instead declaring his support for the director’s Dalai Lama biopic kundunwhich was at the center of an international controversy when it was released two years earlier in 1997.

5 Jon Favreau

Christopher points a gun at Jon Favreau in The Sopranos

In The sopranos Season 2, Episode 7, “D-Girl”, Christopher is visiting an actual movie set when Amy (Alicia Witt), his cousin’s fiancé, is dying to read his script. Ultimately, Amy is like The sopranos‘ Doctor “Cooze” Cusamano, excited about the connection to organized crime but uncomfortable when confronted with reality. Due to Amy’s attraction to Christopher, he visits the set of Jon Favreau’s new gangster film and offers the director dialogue advice. Favreau later appropriates one of Christopher’s mob anecdotes in one of his screenplays, infuriating him and establishing a recurring theme in Christopher’s interactions with Hollywood stars.

4 Janeane Garofalo & Sandra Bernhardt

Sandra Bernhardt and Janeane Garofalo in Season 2 of The Sopranos

Jon Favreau’s film stars Janeane Garofalo and Sandra Bernhardt, who play crime lovers and provide Christopher’s dialogue feedback. In the scene they are filming, Garofalo objects to the use of the word “female dog“which prompts Christopher to suggest a Neapolitan word”Pucchiacca“, which has a harsher meaning and gains Garofalo’s approval. Garofalo later asked The sopranos‘ Christopher seeks more dialogue advice as he visits the set after falling out with Amy and Favreau, and takes his angry insults on board.

3 Mr Ben Kingsley

Christopher and Little Carmine meet Ben Kingsley in The Sopranos

Sir Ben Kingsley is one of the first actors approached by Christopher for the role of Salvatore cleaver. After memorably playing a mafia boss in Jonathan Glazer’s 2000 film sexy beastIt was a good casting choice on Chris’ part. In The sopranos Season 6, Episode 7, “Luxury Lounge”, Christopher traveled to Los Angeles to cast his new film with the support of his lead investor, Little Carmine (Ray Abruzzo). As a British knight of the kingdom, it’s hilarious to see Kingsley politely but impatiently attending a meeting with the vulgar gangsters.

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Although Kingsley has no interest in it cleaver, Christopher and Carmine continue to follow Kingsley around the luxury hotel. In these scenes, Christopher’s Hollywood ambitions collide with his sopranos Thug Life. The slew of free items given to celebrities at the titular Luxury Lounge gives Christopher an idea, and he wants his own taste of the same luxury, something he’s ultimately denied. However, Christopher has another idea on how to benefit from the luxuries that Hollywood stars are given free of charge.

2 Lauren Bacall

Ben Kingsley and Lauren Bacall in Season 6 of The Sopranos

Earlier on “Luxury Lounge,” Ben Kingsley interrupted his meeting with Carmine and Christopher to say hello to Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall. Instead of seeing a rude snub, Christopher and Carmine see it as yet another opportunity to bask in the glow of a Hollywood legend. Bacall is set to host an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, so he takes in the luxury items dangling in front of it The sopranos Characters. When Christopher confronts Kingsley about access to the Luxury Lounge, he learns that award presenters will receive $30,000 in free merchandise.

This $30,000 worth of merchandise is impressive loot for Tony and the boys in New Jersey, causing Christopher to inevitably revert to his gangster lifestyle. Christopher waits outside the venue, ambushes Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall, punches her in the face and steals her gift basket. When he offered Tony some of the luxuries, his boss was disinterested, more concerned that Christopher’s obsession with Hollywood had led to an avoidable credit card cloning situation at Vesuvio. The cleaver-centric clash shows how far apart the two characters drift and suggests that Tony kills Chris in it The sopranos season 6

1 Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin and Tony Soprano in Season 6 of The Sopranos

In The sopranos Season 6, Episode 14, “Stage 5”, Christopher has finally premiered his film, cleaver. It’s a lavish event that sees Tony Soprano meet Daniel Baldwin, who essentially portrayed him on screen. One particular moment, where Baldwin’s character in a white terrycloth robe and boxer shorts holds a meeting in his basement, is so clearly a reference to Tony that it visibly upsets him. At that moment, Tony realizes that his relationship with Christopher is likely beyond repair.

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The production of cleaver takes place mostly in the gap in between The sopranos Season 6, Part 1 and Part 2, so it’s unclear how much Baldwin and Christopher worked together during production. However, Adriana’s death weighs heavily on the revenge plan cleaver, so it was likely Christopher was on hand to take notes for Baldwin, like he did during the Favreau shoot. The two men obviously knew each other well enough since Daniel Baldwin was one of the guests at Christopher’s funeral The sopranos Season 6, Episode 18, “Kennedy and Heidi”. The final Hollywood star meeting with Christopher was easily his most successful interaction, but due to the film’s thinly veiled dig at Tony Soprano, it also set the stage for Christopher’s tragic death at Tony’s hands.

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