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How to report a user on your PS5

Gaming should be a safe place for everyone, and Sony has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who violates its code of conduct. Even if you participate in an activity or game with many other people who share the same interests, there will always be a bad egg or two.

Sony has procedures in place to ensure everyone using its platform is as safe and happy as possible. But Sony can’t keep an eye on everyone at the same time. Sony relies on other users to report players violating the Code of Conduct. Luckily, doing this is very easy.

When should you report a user on your PS5?

When you create a PlayStation account, you are signing an agreement to comply with the Sony PlayStation Network Community Code of Conduct. This contract is not difficult to keep. There are no ridiculous or outlandish expectations. Essentially, when you sign Sony’s Community Code of Conduct, you’re just agreeing to be a good person while interacting with others on PlayStation Network.

Use of hate speech, vulgar or abusive behavior, cheating, spamming or otherwise disruptive behavior are examples of behavior that can be reported using Sony’s contextual grief reporting tools.

Games that use voice chat can be particularly harmful, as players can resort to verbal abuse or any other type of online bullying if they don’t get their way. If you’ve experienced this type of behavior firsthand, or seen it happen to anyone else, don’t hesitate to report these users.

Once you report a user or their comment, that content will be reviewed. If a violation of Sony’s Community Code of Conduct is identified, the offending user’s account may be suspended, either temporarily or permanently.

How to report content on your PS5

There are many different ways to interact with others on PlayStation Network, and each opportunity requires different steps to report. You can report something on a user’s profile, a specific comment they made, or even a conversation you had over voice chat.

Man holding PS5 controller and playing PS5

Harassment can happen on any platform, not just the PS5. You can also block and report users from your PS4 or the PlayStation App if needed.

If you’ve been wondering what the PlayStation messaging feature is and how to use it, it’s essentially a means of directly messaging a PSN user. Communication is a key element of the PSN network and that includes the ability to message someone privately and directly.

But this can open up opportunities for people to abuse the PlayStation messaging feature to bully or harass someone. If this happened to you, you can report the offensive messages directly. To do this, simply highlight the message in the chat, press the option button on your controller and select report.

How to report someone’s profile on your PS5

Sometimes a user may have objectionable content on their profile, such as their username. You must visit the player’s profile to report anything offensive there.

How to report a profile on PS5 Press more and report

After opening the player’s profile, select More press in the top corner report, and enter the reason for the message. Try to be specific when entering the reason so the person reviewing it knows what to look for.

How to report a conversation using voice chat on your PS5

Voice chat is one of the main ways online harassment or bullying occurs while playing video games. If something is said during a voice chat that you believe violates the Code of Conduct and needs to be reported, it is best to leave the chat as soon as possible.

This is recommended for two reasons. First, there’s no reason you should stay in a chat if someone is disrespecting you or someone else. But there’s another reason why going as soon as possible is a good idea. When you report a voice chat conversation, you can take a 20-second recording of the last five minutes of the conversation. If you stay longer than five minutes, you may miss your chance to capture a clip of the offensive comments.

Person playing video games with voice chat through headset

To report a voice chat conversation on your PS5, press the PS button on your controller to open the control center. Find and select the language card of the conversation you want to report. Choose Moreand then select report.

You will be asked who made the comments. If you don’t know, it’s best to choose I’m not sure. This way you can be sure that no innocent parties will be sued for something they didn’t say.

Help Sony keep PSN safe by reporting users on your PS5

You may feel that if someone is being rude to you or you witness some other misbehavior while playing online on your PS5, it’s easier to just go ahead and pretend it didn’t happen.

But these measures are designed to help keep PSN running smoothly, and Sony relies on players to come forward if anything happens so it can do what it needs to do to keep you and others safe while gaming online.

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