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F-Zero GX Remaster is said to be in development at Next Level Games

A remaster for Nintendo’s F-Zero GX is currently in development at Next Level Games based on the latest rumours.

According to YouTuber Nintendo Prime, developer Next Level Games is working on an F-Zero GX remaster for the Nintendo Switch. He claimed that he had been in contact with people who had been informed that F-Zero GX was being remastered by Next Level Games. The studio previously worked on Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Mario Strikers: Battle League.

There have been several other rumors about F-Zero’s return. However, this is the first time a developer is mentioned. Prime stated that Next Level Games has two teams working on two completely different games, the first of which they believe is the F-Zero GX remaster. He added that this will be a Metroid Prime-like remaster.

Regarding Next Level Games, Prime said that after the development of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the Nintendo acquisition, a good part of the development team left the company. As such, the studio went through a bit of a reshuffle after being acquired by Nintendo, and it’s not exactly the same team that worked on Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The original F-Zero GX is a 2003 racing video game developed by Amusement Vision and published by Nintendo for the GameCube console. It uses a more advanced version of the Super Monkey Ball engine. Developed as a result of a business partnership between Nintendo, Namco and Sega, the Triforce arcade system board was used by F-Zero AX, the arcade version of GX. It was released by Sega in 2003 along with GX.

The sequel to F-Zero X, F-Zero GX continued the series’ challenging, fast-paced racing style while maintaining the core gameplay and control scheme of the Nintendo 64 game. Reflexes and memorizing routes have been heavily emphasized by the game’s design. In the “Story Mode” part of GX, players take on the role of Captain Falcon, an F-Zero pilot, and complete missions in a total of nine chapters.

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