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Why Donkey Kong could be the future of Nintendo

Donkey Kong is one of the most iconic IPs in Nintendo’s lineup, as the title character is one of the few with a history stretching back to the arcade. Originally appeared as an antagonist, Donkey Kong was a game that cemented the company’s reputation for taking the platforming genre to challenging new heights. Dodging barrels, climbing ladders, and collecting power-ups were key functions as players raced to the top of each level, and Donkey Kong eventually got a chance to star in his own games over time. One of the most famous games on Super Nintendo was Donkey Kong countryand it’s this old-school achievement that could be the blueprint for future platforming adventures.


In recent years, Nintendo has become a prolific developer of family-friendly games that push boundaries within their respective genres. Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Both delivered hugely successful versions of each franchise in a larger format, and that accomplishment is unrivaled in the entire industry. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch was a welcome return, but its gameplay could potentially inform a more ambitious project that takes its achievements to the next level – ultimately another attempt to modernize classic Nintendo IPs with the full potential of current technologies.

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The influence of Donkey Kong Country on games

Released in 1994, Rare created Donkey Kong country as a reboot of the classic franchise with pre-rendered art that redefines production quality in console gaming. Mechanically, Rare also introduced one of the most compelling formulas in the genre: the collect-a-thon platformer. During Donkey Kong country was still appreciated for its tight controls and creative levels, the addition of optional collectibles kept the completing players entertained and also challenged them to discover every secret in the game’s animated world. Animal sidekicks like Rambi the Rhinoceros were playful mounts that acted as additional power-ups, but also featured fun personalities that were valuable in action.

Although collectible athon mechanics are often attributed to games where progression is locked behind key elements, Donkey Kong country was still experimenting with arcade gameplay to give players more options in each level. Gaining extra lives and unlocking animal friends were all additions to an experience that focused on variety, and that scope was what made the character shine most of all. Controlling DK and his allies was fun, and that momentum and responsiveness should be built into something unique Donkey Kong Platformer that takes full advantage of the charm of the IP.

Expansion of the Donkey Kong universe

The Donkey Kong Country cartoon

The presentation of the classic Donkey Kong Games is unique among Nintendo’s properties in that there’s an odd sense of humor that accompanies its cast of cartoon characters. The tropical environment with pirate ships, bays and industrial rocks offers different contexts for acrobatic action, and Nintendo can potentially connect these themes in an open-world setting that prioritizes gameplay. Donkey Kong country has the potential to inspire new projects in the franchise as this iconic game created many of the artistic ingredients that took the players imagination into wild 3D spaces. The series’ aesthetic suggests multiple dimensions, but there’s no better time to capitalize on this style on a larger scale.

Rare continued to develop games on the Nintendo 64, except many fans are still considering the Super Nintendos Donkey Kong country be superior to trilogy. unfortunately, Donkey Kong 64 had strange ideas that never caught on like the originals. Despite its flaws, the 3D hype still found an audience who admired its ambition and diverse roster of heroes. Retro Studios has been the main developer of the latest since then Donkey Kong Title though it seems to be busy with Metroid Prime 4 at this moment. It’s possible that another developer under Nintendo could be working on a new entry in the franchise, as this would be a prime opportunity to combine a fresh vision with the best elements of Donkey Kong.

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Donkey Kong in 2D and 3D

Nintendo Switch game leaks

Both in 2D and 3D, Nintendos Donkey Kong has emphasized mobility and interactive levels that always leave players with a few tricks to find. Other Nintendo Switch games have proven that 3D reconstructions of traditional 2D games can evolve gameplay that harks back to arcades, which also fills a niche that some AAA competitors have struggled to break into. A recent example is Kirby and the forgotten landone of the best 2022 platformers on Switch, and it shows that new perspectives can sometimes inspire new ways of incorporating player freedom.

There have been difficult Nintendo games in the past, and Donkey Kong is a loveable IP that could benefit from complex gameplay that is difficult to master. There’s more room for developers to be bold with a Donkey Kong Game for its wide range of themes and mechanics, but a winning formula can capitalize on what players love most about platformers: agility. Chaining moves would be a fun way to bring the series up to the same level as Super Mario Odysseyas these features fit into the vine-wielding nature of previous games.

A majority of gamers are familiar with gaming’s most iconic monkeys, but some believe so Donkey Kong deserves a revival just like other Nintendo properties. Nintendo certainly has a legacy of great games to build on, and that’s unlikely Donkey Kong will soon be forgotten. The fun-loving mascot would be a great vehicle for action-adventure innovation, and takes classic collect-a-thon gameplay to a larger world than fans have previously seen.

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