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Where to get Layla’s mount items in Genshin Impact

of World jenshin impact It continues to grow as the game regularly adds to the roster of characters. Each character released to the game has many different factors such as their abilities, weapons, vision, lore, etc. It allows players to find their comfort character and enjoy moving around in Teywat.

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Layla is a four-star character with cryo vision. She belongs to the Ratwahist philosophy of the academia, which is one of the various subjects taught at the place. It is revealed that he has insomnia, and his abilities are based on that as well.

Layla’s Ascension Material

Genshin Impact Layla playing with her toys

For a character who is sleep deprived and can’t do a lot of physical activity, Laila definitely gives players a run for her ascension material, All of his ingredients are scattered across Tevat, and here’s what you’re looking for to enhance this character:

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ascension stage Maximum Level Mora crystal regional specialty mob drops world boss drops
1 40 20,000 1x Shivda Jade Sliver 3x Nilotpal Lotus 3x Divine Scroll N/A
2 50 40,000 3x Shivda Jade Piece 10x Nilotpala Lotus 15x Divine Scrolls 2x Perpetual Caliber
3 60 60,000 6x Shivda Jade Piece 20x Nilotpala Lotus 12x Sealed Scroll 4x Perpetual Caliber
4 70 80,000 3x Shivda Jade Chunk 30x Nilotpal Lotus 18x Sealed Scrolls 8x perpetual caliber
5 80 100,000 6x Shivda Z Chunk 45x Nilotpala Kamal 12x Forbidden Curse Scroll 12x perpetual caliber
6 90 120,000 6x Shivda Jade Gemstone 60x Nilotpala Kamal 24x Forbidden Curse Scroll 20x Perpetual Caliber

the mora mentioned above is Especially Layla needs to ascend many times, To be able to ascend a character, you need to have reached the maximum level for the previous ascendancy. This requires you to send some more mora and exp material.

you can also Get some character EXX by beating hordes around the world, but it is not important enough in the later stages. You need over 200 Hero Wisdom to fully level a character up to level 90.

Where to Find Shivda Jade Crystal

Jenshin Impact Diluk, Cryo Hypostasis

There are seven elements in Genshin Impact, and the entire battle depends on these elements. There is a dedicated crystal equivalent for each of them which is Used in the ascension of characters having a vision for a specific element, For Layla, the Cryo Crystal is known as the Shivada Jade.

There are a few ways to get Shivda Jade Sliver, Fragment, Chunk and Gems in the game: World Boss, Weekly Boss and limited time events, as the name suggests, You can claim rewards from Weekly Boss only once a weekAnd most of them have no guaranteed chance to drop a Shivda Jade.

Also, limited time events don’t give you a lot of crystals either. In one of the main events, You get about six pieces for each crystal, While you can get Shivda Jade from limited-time events, it’s an unreliable method.

So, World Owners is going to be your prime source for these crystals. Here’s what each boss can do for a chance to get some of these:

  • cryo regiswine (Mondstad World Boss)
  • primo geocurse (Liu World Boss)
  • cryo hypostasis (Dragonspine World Boss)
  • magu kenki (Inazuma World Boss)
  • perpetual motion machine (Inazuma World Boss)
  • Bathysmal Giant Herd (Enkonomia World Boss)
  • aonblight drake (Sumeru World Boss)

If you have a surplus of any other type of crystal that you don’t need, You can convert them to Shivda Jade using the Alchemy Table in any field, This need azoth dustAn item that can only be purchased from the Stardust Exchange in the Paimon Shop.

Where to get Nilotpala Kamal

Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus Locations Marked With Circle

If you have cultivated local specialties for any other Sumerian characters, You know how hard it is to find these things, Nilotpala Kamal is one of them. Features that can only be found in Sumeru, But it is scattered throughout the region. This forces you to teleport to different points just to get three to four points.

These lotuses can be found in the water bodies of the Sumeru rainforest. it is important to note You won’t find any of these in the Desert Area, there a Some ways to make this process a little easierBut you may have to pay for:

  • Tighnari has a passive that lets you Feel the local specialties around you in Sumeru while your party has character, You can navigate to the detour locations on the map above and Tighnari will show you the nearby Kamals.
  • Sumeru’s archery can make the process of gathering these items much easier. You can hold Nahida’s elemental skill and shoot the lotus To get them immediately after using the skill.

One of the local features of Genshin Impact is a 48 hour response timer. Once all the lotuses are obtained in these fields, You have to wait two days to farm them again, since You can’t get all 168 lotuses required to fully climb Laila in a dayYou have to score a lot of runs.

Genshin Impact Sumatural

is a bunch of Hillicural enemies that are scattered throughout the Tevat, The samchural is the grain of the hilicural, and They can usually be found in groups near hillside camps., Defeating one of these enemies normally drops one or two Divine Scrolls, and if you’re lucky you get a Sealed Scroll or Forbidden Curse Scroll.

you can also Craft a scroll of a certain rarity using three of the following rarity on the Alchemy table, If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact for a while, you may already have enough scrolls required for Layla’s regeneration and talents.

where to get the ability forever

Jenshin Impact Hutao and Sleeping Aonblight Drake

With the release of version 3.1, Hoyverse released World Boss known as Aonbalite Drake located in the Sumeru Rainforest, Each time you defeat this boss, you can gain one to three Perpetual Calibers. You A total of 46 of these items are needed to fully climb Layla.,

You can’t get rewards from world bosses only after defeating them. a Flower spawns after battle which can be revived using 40 basic resinAnd after that you will get Perpetual Caliber along with some other prizes. You cannot use condensed resin to get these rewards,

You will need to have the Sumeru map unlocked if you want easy access to this boss. Use the teleport waypoint in Devantaka Mountain and interact with the Dendro Flower Spawn grapples that will take you straight to the entrance to the ruins of Aonblight Drake, Once you’re there, you can place a portable teleport waypoint to make access easier.

Layla’s Talent Material

Genshin Impact Layla Back Angle

Leveling up a character isn’t enough to reach their maximum potential, you Also there is a need to upgrade one’s talents to get a high multiplier on his abilities., There are a total of three talents that can be upgraded to level ten, and here is everything you’ll need for each of them:

talent level Mora Pratibha Books mob drops weekly boss drops
2 12,500 3x Lessons of Simplicity 6x Divine Scrolls Not Applicable
3 17,500 2x Guide to Simplicity 3x Sealed Scrolls N/A
4 25,000 4x Guide to Simplicity 4x Sealed Scroll Not Applicable
5 30,000 6x Guide to Simplicity 6x Sealed Scrolls Not Applicable
6 37,500 The 9x Guide to Simplicity 9x Sealed Scrolls N/A
7 120,000 4x Philosophy of Simplicity 4x Forbidden Curse Scroll 1x Mirror of Machine
8 260,000 6x philosophy of simplicity 6x Forbidden Curse Scroll 1x Mirror of Machine
9 450,000 12x philosophy of simplicity 9x Forbidden Curse Scroll 2x Mirror of Mushin
10 700,000 18x philosophy of simplicity 12x Forbidden Curse Scroll Mushin’s 2x Mirror

The ingredients mentioned above are Requirements to level one of Layla’s talents to the tenth, If you want to level up all three of his talents, you’ll have to use three times as much material.

You Can Get Ingenuity Talent Books By Farming Steeple of Ignorance Domain and Reward Collecting on Tuesday, Friday or Sunday, This domain is located in the northern part of the Sumeru rainforest, and you can cultivate a total of three different types of talent books in it.

ahead, Mirror of Mushin can be obtained after defeating the Scaramouche Weekly Boss., Players are required to unlock this boss Finish Sumeru’s main story by act five, Mirror of Mushin is one of the three drops you can get from a boss.

Upon upgrading to the previous talent level, You will need to use the Crown of Insight, These are rare items, and you only get one on each update, unless there is a new area.

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