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Where to find Subito in Project Slayers – Roblox

demon slayer inspired roblox experience project slayers invites users to become the strongest in the world and take down all that opposes them – whether that means serving as an assassin and protecting all that exists , or turn to the path of evil and fight as a demon, the choice is yours. Regardless of the path you choose, however, finding and defeating certain bosses can be vital to your journey, which is why I’ve created the following brief guide on how to find and defeat the mighty Subito Boss. What do you get?

How to find Subito in Project Slayers

Sabito is a Tier 1 boss (titled as such because defeating him drops a Tier 1 chest) located east of Waroru Cave near the Water Breathing Trainer.

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What does Sabito give when defeated?

Upon defeating Sabito, all players will receive a Tier 1 chest, and there is a 12% chance that players will also earn Sabito’s Mask item. The following items can be obtained from Tier 1 chests:

  • Ore – 1% chance
  • Straw Hat – 1% chance
  • Fox Max – 3% chance
  • Gyu Hori – 3% chance
  • Shinobu Horii – 3% chance
  • Stylish Hori – 3% chance
  • Stylish Mask – 3% chance
  • Tanjiro Horii – 3% chance
  • Zenitsu Horii – 3% chance
  • Insect Katana – 5% chance
  • Giyu’s Water Cut – 8% chance
  • Lightning Katana – 8% chance
  • Water Katana – 8% chance
  • Wind Katana – 8% chance
  • Health Regain Elixer – 10% chance
  • Health Elixir – 15% chance
  • Stamina Elixir – 15% chance


That’s it for our guide on how to find Subito in Project Slayers and what it offers. Be sure to also check out your in-game encyclopedia, it will list even more detailed information for each item!

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