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Where to Find Inazuma’s Fishing Association and Get The Catch in Genshin Impact

The Inazumans take a lot of pride in their skills in Genshin Impact. Even the fishermen have their own guilds and schools of the art of fishing. Talk to Kujirai Momiji to learn more, and trade some of the fish they catch for amazing prizes.

Where is Kujirai Momiji, Inazuma’s Fishing Federation Seller in Genshin Impact?

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Inazuma’s Fishing Union Seller Is Justified Outside Hanamizaka on Narukami Island, However, you have to visit all six islands to find all of Inazuma’s fishing spots.

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How to get a catch in Genshin Impact

The most important item here is the free four-star weapon, The Catch. Its powerful weapon prowess and ease of refining up to five ranks make it a great choice for Burst DPS characters such as Jiangling or Raiden Shogun. Here’s how much of each fish you’ll need to exchange for all Inazuma fishing rewards, including the catch and its refining material:

Thing item description quantity of fish required
Narukawa Ukai Inazuma’s unique fishing rod medaka x 20
Glaze Medka x 20
Lung Stickleback x 20
Purple Shirakodai x 20
catch four star polar Raimi Angelfish x 6
golden koi x 20
Rusty Someone x 20
Ako’s ship Refining material for the catch. Can be bought up to four times. Raimi Angelfish x 3
pufferfish x 10
Bitter Pufferfish x 10
fishing line stabilizer Gadget to aid in fishing. medaka x 3

Weapon stats for The Catch in Genshin Impact

statistics Level 1 / Refinement 1 . Feather Level 90 / Refinement 5
to attack 42 510
energy recharge 10% 46%
weapon skill Enhances Elemental Burst DMG 16% and fundamental burst CRIT rate 6%, Enhances Elemental Burst DMG 32% and fundamental burst CRIT rate 12%,

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