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What is Jaw in Warframe?

There’s every melee weapon, but feel like your craving more CQC goodness? Well, maybe creating your own is just what you need in life. Here’s everything we know about Zaws in Warframe.

What is Zaw?

Zows are craft-able, custom-made melee weapons made up of three separate components. Each component modifies the weapon’s final stats, and is essential to the crafting process. There are many types of Zaw components, and most, if not all, are interchangeable with each other, allowing for significant personalization. Each of the three components has different names, which makes it easier to keep track of them:

  • strikes – The top of the zaw modifies its damage ratio, vital stats, status effect, and speed
  • grasp – The middle of the jaw modifies base attack speed, base damage, and whether it’s one-handed or two-handed
  • Link – Adds additional stat bonuses, below the jaw and imposes penalties based on the component used

As mentioned, there are a plethora of components of each type, and each ingredient dramatically changes the end result of the zaw.

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Where to build zaw?

Jaws are assembled in Hock Anvil on Earth sets compromise. He allows you to buy blueprints of new components and start the crafting process yourself. Simply ask him to start making a Jaw, select the three components you want to use, and then you’ll have your personal melee weapon in no time. Don’t forget to name it apt for your heritage!

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The jaws once formed act like any other weapon. They can be modified with Melee Mode, and leveled up in the same way. They also have access to their own arcanes, so keep that in mind as well.

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