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What are the fortnite settings, keybind and sensitivity of cliques? – answered

A phenomenon in the gaming world thanks to its competitive gameplay and knowledgeable community, players have been mesmerized by Fortnite. Clix, a legendary character known for his exceptional Fortnite skills, is one of those elite players who has gained notoriety. Many players have pondered on Clix’s formula for success as they try to reach his level of mastery. We hope to solve the puzzle in this article by giving you an informative description of Clix’s Fortnite keybinds, settings, and sensitivity.

clix fortnite settings

General Settings

  • Resolution
  • display system
  • refresh rate
  • see distance
  • Shadows
  • anti aliasing
  • Texture
  • Effect
  • post processing
  • Slow motion
  • multi-core rendering
  • directx version
  • color blind mode

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  • wall current F,
  • on the floor X,
  • stairs up Why,
  • roof on V,
  • reload R,
  • trap on Tea,
  • chat on I,
  • Bend C,
  • inventory current I,
  • Edit Yes Or MW down,
  • harvesting tool on 1,
  • weapon slot 1
  • weapon slot 2
  • weapon slot 3
  • weapon slot 4
  • weapon slot 5


  • dpi is 800,
  • is the pooling rate 1000 Hz,
  • workspace sensitivity 82.7%,
  • is the x-axis sensitivity 8.7%,
  • Y-axis is sensitivity 6.3%,
  • Targeting sensitivity is 90.9%,

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