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The Unbreakable Soul Code (March 2023)

Image via Roblox Unwavering Soul

Experience the story of Undertale from a new perspective and interpretation in Unwavering Soul, a Roblox game where you must build up your character’s stats by eliminating enemies by any means necessary. As you fight against enemies in the game, you’ll notice that you collect cash and levels, two essential resources to progress.

You can boost yourself through the game and skip the tedious grinding using our code list below. When redeemed in game, most of our codes will give you cash and experience to rank up your character. But, you can also use them for other helpful resources like Cromer and Tipi!

If you find our Unbreakable Souls codes helpful, don’t forget to peruse our extensive list of roblox codes for hundreds of other roblox games! We have the latest codes for other similar games, many based on Undertale. See our list for Undertale Last Reset, Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline, and Undertale Ultimate Timeline.

all roblox unbreakable soul codes list

Updated March 19, 2023

Added a new code.

Unbreakable Soul Code (Work)

Here’s a Look at Unbreakable Soul All Working code. Comment: You need to join the YN-Studio Group before you can use the code below! If you are not part of the group, these codes will not work.

  • powerofnio– Redeem for Cromer (New)
  • vehicle or update?—Redeem for 275k gold (New)
  • Its 2023 EPIC!!!— Redeem for XP, 1 Million Gold and 50 TP (New)
  • newsanwinterpic—Redeem for Epic Sets
  • y3t—Redeem for instant XP
  • h1ll0w33n2022— Level 100, redeem for 1 million gold and 50 TP
  • awesome updatelol—Redeem for 999 levels and 10 million gold
  • 10 m—Redeem for 200+ levels and 5 million gold
  • crazy stuff—Redeem for 300 level and 100 TP
  • new group!—Redeem for 2k Chromer
  • 30 thousand—Redeem for level 30 and 300 Chromer

Unbreakable Soul Code (Ended)

These unbreakable soul codes no longer work.

Roblox Unbreakable Soul FAQ

How To Redeem Unbreakable Soul Codes

Redeeming codes for free rewards at Unwavering Soul is easy.

roblox how to redeem unwavering soul
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. In the game, press Menu button on the right side of the screen.
  2. Squeeze Adjustment button in the menu that opens.
  3. what it says in the text box ‘code here’Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  4. Squeeze redeem code button to claim your prize!

How can I get more Unbreakable Soul Codes?

Unwavering Soul YN-Studio is quite active in its community, and usually updates its players when there are major updates to the game. Many of these updates have additional codes that you can redeem. The best way to keep track of the codes is to bookmark this page and check back if you think there was an update on the game’s roblox page. However, you can also join the game’s official Discord server to interact with the community and check out new codes.

Why are my Unbreakable Soul Codes not working?

The most likely reason the code isn’t working is that you haven’t joined the YN-Studio group. The game is linked to this group, so you’ll need to join for the code to work. When you join the group, restart the game to make sure it’s registered, then try the code again!

Another reason may be that you entered the wrong code. To avoid typos, copy and paste the code directly into the game from our page. The code may have expired if you’re sure you entered it correctly. If this happens, leave us a comment so we can investigate the issue and update the page!

What is an immovable soul?

Unwavering Soul is a remake of the previous version of the game titled Roblox Undertale AU RPG. It’s based on the wildly popular game Undertale, where you have to make tough choices in order to defeat your enemies. Unwavering Soul has a more straightforward combat system: get the best gear and upgrade your character to defeat the toughest bosses! You can even take on the role of a character in the world of Undertale, as the game has a large and supportive community!

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