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tears of the kingdom twilight princess armor set location

Just like you, many fans are searching for the Twilight Princess set in Tears of the Kingdom. This Link’s old armor is very close to the legendary players of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. If you’re one of them, we bet you can’t wait to get your hands on the complete set. However, let us tell you that achieving this is not as easy as you think. And for a piece you will also have to fight with a three-headed monster. If you’re up for a challenge, so are we. Here’s what we’ve got to help you get up to speed Locations of all TotK Twilight Princess pieces,

How to get Twilight Princess in Kingdom of Tears

There are two ways to set the Twilight Princess armor in Tears of the Kingdom. the first and easiest way is to scan super smash bros link amiibo In play. But if you want to take the hard way, you can always try get armor shards naturally,

Where to get Twilight Princess Armor in Totem – Amiibo not needed

all the twilight princess pieces, like trousers, tunicAnd this Cap The 3 are hidden in different locations. Attention, you have to fight to get the cap king glioc And only then will you be rewarded with that piece. So before you dive in make sure you take best weapon available in the game and enough stamina and heart,

The Twilight Zone Pants TotK

The Twilight Zone Pants TotK
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you have to go to get the trousers of twilight ancient underground fort Located in depth, ,Durg Coordinates: 3318, 1507, -0856), you can get there by diving into south akkala plain ditch and then running in north direction, right in front of newsmod lightroot You will find the fort you are looking for. (Lightroot coordinates: 3304, 1446, -0790), and there inside a broken box shaped room you’ll see Treasure chest containing Twilight’s trousers,

Cloak of Twilight Location in TotK

Twilight Princess Cloak in Tears of the Kingdom
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Located in the chest piece of the Tunic aka Twilight Princess armor set wrist mine Did depth In tears of the kingdom. (My coordinates: 4517, 2167, -0454), the best way to reach here East Akkala Plain Ditch, Make your way out after ditch diving southwest direction and proceed to enter round cave tunnel, There, you’ll find all kinds of enemies ready to take you down. So it’s best to avoid fighting them and head straight for the Rist Mine. Once you reach the destination, just open the chest for twilight’s tunicAnd don’t forget to activate Kimimeg Lightroot right next to it.

twilight zone border in totk

twilight zone border in totk
Source Image: Gaming with Abyss

Last but not least, the Twilight Hat is the hardest-to-obtain armor set piece in the game. to get it you have to fight king gleek Located in Gleoc den, (Den coordinates: 0191 3121 -0623), Players can access this lair by going to Drennan Highlands Chase, (Difference coordinates: -0021, 2989, 0197). move on after diving there north east direction And look at the door to the den. Since it’s easy to miss, we recommend that you keep an eye on your minimap.

And without using amiibo, it’s all about the places to find and get Twilight Princess armor in Tears of the Kingdom. Once you’re done with it, see dragon place To search for dragon parts, Also, take a look at how to farm diamonds And Rupees In Zelda tricks.

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