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How to turn off cuff dialogue in Forspoken?

Once lost in the unfamiliar world of Athia, you will have to deal with many unknown creatures. These ruthless enemies will not be vanquished with fists, you need bigger equipment to deal with them. well you definitely wear one phlegm (Bracelet) which is the ultimate source of your power. You are capable of performing awesome parkour stunts and casting devastating magic spells to overcome the enemy. However, the only downside is that the cuff talks a lot and it gets annoying after a while. However, there is a way through which you speak less off the cuff by reducing its dialogue In Forspoken. wonder how? Check out this guide to know.

How to get less speak phlegm in Forspoken?

The tireless chatterbox can make it hard to concentrate with his annoying dialogues. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to speak less to him somehow. Here’s how to reduce cuff dialogue in Forspoken to the lowest possible setting:

How to turn off phlegm dialogue in Forspoken

  • While in the main menu screen, enter in-game Adjustment.
  • Also, navigate and click on easy access tab.
  • From there, scroll down and find cuff settings Under which you can get many options.
  • Anyway, all you have to do is switch Cuff chat settings to the minimum.
  • This will rarely speak to the phlegm in the forespoken.
  • Apart from this, there are other settings like low, default, or higher Which can respectively accommodate off the cuff dialogues.

There’s no doubt that the talking bracelet is very helpful, but its sarcastic commentary breaks out in the middle of random scenarios, too. But don’t worry, lowering the cuff’s dialogue in Forspoken will allow it to guide you in the middle of a fight. Well, you probably don’t want to miss out on the basics of combat, do you?

It covers everything from how to reduce off the cuff dialogue in Forspoken. In the meantime, while you’re here, be sure to check out our other Forspoken Guides On Gamer Tweak.

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