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Splatoon 3. How to get gear 3 slot in

splatoon 3 is a third person shooter game created by Nintendo. The game, like its predecessors, will feature a competitive multiplayer. That way, you’ll be faced with tons of opponents who will use everything they have to defeat you. To have an edge over your competitors, you must have Best Weapons and Gear, Your gear can have ability slots that will assist you in your battles. In this guide, I will show you Splatoon 3. How to get gear 3 slot?,

Splatoon 3. How to get gear 3 slot in

In Splatoon 3, your Gear can have abilities. The number of said capabilities is limited on the number of gear slots and gear pieces. Thus, having one max 3 slot gear Makes it easy to build with. There are a few ways to get 3 slot gear in Splatoon 3 and here’s how:

splatnet gear shop

splatnet gear shop is where you can buy gear for coins, it is Nintendo Switch Online Companion App on your mobile. You can buy 3 slot gear from there but it can prove to be expensive. To get them consistently, you have to grind for coins.

Best way to get 3 slot gear in Salmon Run Farming – Splatoon 3

Another way to get gear, specifically 3 slot gear, is to do this salmon run, Salmon Run Splatoon 3 has a game mode where you and your team have to face hordes of salmon enemies and complete objectives, After completing these runs, you get points and then redeem them for rewards like gear. This is one way to get 3 Slots Gear in Splatoon 3. It will take some time but it is an inexpensive way to get the Gear.

merch the sea urchin

merch the sea urchin There is one NPC you will talk to a lot. going to him, you will be able to Upgrade your gear and gain abilities On this. As such, get the gear you want to enhance and Merch will do it for you. By staring your gear, you can unlock gear slots for abilities. Having said that merch will cost you a lot of resources like coins and super sea snails. If you scrub gear then getting gear with merch ability might also get you some ability parts.

you can farm Splashfest and Salmon Run But it will take time to get the said resource. Unlike the above options, Merch can make any gear into a 3 slot gear but the more slots you unlock, the more expensive it gets. Talking merch and starring your gear is one of the best ways to get 3 slot gear in Splatoon 3.

gear shops

gear shops There are places where you can buy gear items like hats, clothes and shoes, You can buy the basic version or get some that have gear slots. A 3 slot gear piece will also be available but will be more expensive than other pieces. There are many shops in this game and each of them sell different types of clothes. I suggest you watch them on a daily basis refresh shop Happens.


thank you for splatnet, Splatoon players can interact with each other and be more social. this leads to merchandise between each other. So players can business gear And, if you can find one, get 3 slot gear. This can take time as very few players will be willing to trade one of their best pieces but it is not impossible. Once the order is placed, you have to go Murcho to collect it.

It was all about how to get 3 Slots Gear in Splatoon 3. Hope, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like how to play salmon run In Splatoon 3.


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