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Tears of the Kingdom 6 Dragons Quest Guide

Six Dragons is one of the easiest side quests you’ll find in Tears of the Kingdom. However, as simple as it sounds, the game doesn’t explain how you can accomplish this. The description only says that you must demonstrate the power of sage water in the presence of six dragons. But like every other quest, this one also has a puzzle-type trick that you have to use in order to get to the treasure box. So without waiting any further let’s see how you can solve the puzzle and reveal the sage of water power In TotK Six Dragon Quest.

How to complete the Six Dragon quest in Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom to complete the Six Dragons quest, head for the six dragons statues And Make a charge attack using Sidon’s ability, The same Vow of Sidon, sage of water potential what you get by completing Sidon of Zora main quest, If you’re still struggling with the objective, scroll down for a detailed explanation.

Six dragons location in Tears of Thyfall Ruin Kingdom
Source Image: Mapgenie
  1. First, the head Thyfallo Ruins Is located at northern part of the surface worldAnd Check out the Thyfallo Ruins, (Ruins Coordinates 0360 3094 0174)

    Check out the Thyflo Ruins trick
    Source Image: Gamer Guru

  2. next, Check out the second ruin on the right, As shown in above image.
  3. doing so will Trigger the Six Dragons quest,

    The Six Dragons Locations To Quest In Zelda
    Source Images: Mapgenie

  4. once done, move slightly northwest and you will find six dragons statues, (statue coordinates 0185 3181 0174)
  5. anymore, get in the middle of the statue Avoiding muddy coal tar pits.

    Attack using Sidon's ability, Vow of Sidon, Sage of Water Six Dragons quest trick
    Source Images: Gamer Guru

  6. and then do a Attack using Sidon’s abilitySidon’s vow, the sage of the waters.
  7. and he will bring up hidden treasure from holding land 5x opal.

It covers all how you can complete the Six Dragons quest in Tears of the Kingdom. take a look at it while you’re here dragon place to collect something dragon parts, Also, see best weapon You can get Zelda in TotK.

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