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Multiversus: How to Get Projectile Ring-Out | View Your Head Guide

If you want to be truly lethal in the multiverse, you’ll need to master projectile attacks and know how to use them effectively.

Multiversus How to Get Projectile Ring Out View Your Head

As the sport officially enters its first season, multiverse Has never been more popular. Brawler is shaping up to add Black Adam and Stripe to the mix, and he’s on top of Morty and LeBron James, who have already been brought into the ring. Whatever you’re fighting with, your goal is to win, and we’ll help you achieve that by teaching you how to use projectiles effectively.

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The Tricky Thing About Getting the Projectile Ring-Out multiverse is that not every character has the same move list for projectiles. For example, Shaggy’s projectile attack is triggered by the special to push down on the left analog stick and grab the sandwich, then repeat this input to throw the sandwich. Meanwhile, Superman’s projectile attack is activated by a left and special push while jumping.


Plus, characters like Velma have a whole host of projectile attacks, making things even more complicated. In short, the easiest way to master these attacks and grab three trophies or achievements related to them is to pick a character you feel comfortable with and shoot their projectile down in the lab for practice. Once you’ve taken down your character’s projectile, the natural strategy for racking up a ring-out with it is either using bots or booting up another account.

If you have a friend who is willing to help you, all the better. Either way, you want to drive your opponent to the edge and finish them off with a projectile attack or have your other account/friend run to the edge of the arena and stand there, giving them a shot at elimination. can be made an easy target. Regardless of which strategy you choose, focus only on the mastery that counts as a projectile and stay at it until the trophy or achievement pops up.

If you’re not sure what counts as a projectile, be sure and look at the move list. If it says “the projectile deals damage,” then you know it will count for your stats and the associated trophy or achievement you’re aiming for.

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