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How to get Wild Oysters in Forspoken

In Forspoken, players get a chance to collect various resources from all around Athia, and some of them are highly essential for upgrading equipment and crafting. Wild Musk is one such material, and players need to know how to obtain this item. Here’s how to get wild oysters in Forspoken.

Where to find wild oysters in Forspoken

forspoken wild musk
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Wild musk is an essential material in Forspoken as it is essential for crafting and upgrading equipment in the game. Before entering Junoon we found wild oysters inside a chest. Wild oysters are commonly found chest and in some labyrinth, We recommend finding more chests while you’re searching for Athia to maximize your chances of getting this item. Use the cuff-scanning ability to detect nearby enemies, chests and other important items.

forspoken wild musk location
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we also found wild musk in a chest On blessed field, and the area is located south of the Fountain of Blessings. Check the while circle on the map image above to see its location. It is best to get this chest after the Xenos Guild. After collecting enough wild oysters, players can begin upgrading their equipment. Players can check the Resources tab to see how many wild oysters they have collected so far. Wild oysters were popularly used as an ingredient in Athenian cuisine, and are commonly grown in farms. Corruption has destroyed its consumption value, but wild musk can be used to improve equipment in Forspoken.

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