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How to eliminate a player with no weapons in fortnite

While most of your eliminations in Fortnite will come from ranged weapons, sometimes a weekly challenge calls for something wacky. One such challenge asks players to eliminate a player who does not have a weapon in their inventory while doing it on foot. It is a very specific but simple challenge to meet.

How to eliminate a player without a weapon in fortnite

Eliminating a player without any weapons in their inventory can be as easy as dropping in and picking up a player. This is best done on a downed player, as charging with a pickaxe against someone with a gun is generally punishable by death. Brave players can hot drop on another player and hope they can finish off the pickaxe before the opponent finds the gun as a way to quickly overcome this challenge.

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Another option would be to use the Shockwave Hammer and bounce around the map until coming across a player who cannot defend against it. All players have to do is ensure that elimination occurs when they are on foot and have no other weapons in their inventory.

What is a ranged weapon in fortnite?

A ranged weapon in Fortnite is anything that shoots bullets. Assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and bows all count as ranged weapons because they can be used to eliminate players from range. This means that the Shockwave Hammer is one of the only options available that doesn’t have range.

Most of the weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 4 vary, making weekly challenges like this one more difficult than they otherwise have to be. The challenge isn’t impossible, but it’s certainly counterproductive to how a player would typically play to come up with a Victory Royale.

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