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How to defeat the Treasurer of Les Invalidates Titan (Boss Fight)

steel rising, like many Soulslike games before it, features a number of challenging boss fights, such as The Treasure of Less Invalid’s Titan. Unfortunately, Titan bosses are bigger and worse than standard bosses, and The Treasurer of Les Invalides Titan is no different. This Titan is influenced by electrical powers and attacks from all angles in three phases. It also has a gargoyle companion that deals damage to the player with various electrical abilities.

The Treasurer of Les Invalides is located inside the Les Invalides building, which players will reach after unlocking all of Aegis’ navigation abilities. steel rising, At this point in the game players will have to face a variety of enemies. The strategy of previous fights can be changed to complete the task of defeating the Treasurer of the Les Invalides Titan. This boss fight can be made easier by learning to upgrade weapons steel rising,

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According to game pressure, gamer guideand youtube channel Green 218, steel rising Players can prepare for battle against The Treasurer of Les Invalides by stocking up on items such as frost grenades. This titan boss is easily susceptible to frost attacks and fire. Therefore, focusing on elemental attacks to stagger and freeze the Treasurer of Les Invalides, while melee attacks attacking your weak spots is the key to winning this Titan boss fight. The treasurer boss battle of Les Invalides takes place in three distinct stages:

Lace’s Treasurer Invalidates Titan Boss: Phase One

  • key slam: Titan slams the key into the ground to deal damage to the immediate area.
  • key swipe: Titan swipes the player’s key from left to right.
  • gargoyle attack: Titan sticks his key inside and reveals a gargoyle on his back. Three gargoyles fly towards the player dealing damage on impact.

This stage is fairly simple to defeat, especially as players learn how to dodge and counterattack properly. steel rising, A slam attack can be dodged using a sidestep; This attack has a long windup time, so players will see when it’s coming. Swipe attacks can be dodged, but the range is so long that it’s best to run backwards. Lastly, gargoyles are projectiles that can be dodged at the last second.

The Treasurer of Les invalidates the Titan boss fight: Phase Two

  • electric key slam: Titan slams the key into the ground, sending lightning bolts straight ahead.
  • electric jump: The Titan jumps up, and the body slams the ground with AoE damage.


The electric key slam attack can be recognized and easily remedied with the right amount of time. Body slams are harder to dodge, but if players stay at a close range, they should be able to take out more substantial slams. Sometimes, Titan doesn’t even care about body slams. This gives players time to break down their defense like a breakable wall steel rising,

Treasurer of Les invalidates Titan boss fight: Phase Three

  • slam bounce attack: Titan can now bounce fast body slams with long distances.
  • gargoyle lightning: The gargoyle reappears and sends cascades of lightning around Titan in a counterclockwise pattern.

Players can dodge a bounce attack just as easily as they can dodge any other attack. Gargoyles can be avoided by lightning by moving in the same direction as the lightning. Otherwise, this stage of the boss fight is a breeze. Players who make it to the final stage of the Treasurer of Les Invalides boss battle will be able to send it steel rising Titan early.

Source: Game Pressure, Gamer’s Guide, Youtube/Greien218

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