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How to get higher in Forspoken

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In Forspoken, you are able to scale mountains using the magical parkour abilities of Free Holland. However, the game actually allows you to climb higher by unlocking a specific set of powers that increase your traversal height. Here’s a guide to when you get spells to soar higher in Forspoken.

How do you level up in Forspoken?

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The first magic ability you get in Chapter 2 is Flow after defeating the Forspoken Chaplainia boss fight. This spell allows Frey to run around the map with incredible speed. While this mechanic allows you to jump and climb over many obstacles, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not good enough for climbing tall buildings and mountains. thankfully you are able climb high with him Jump Qualification, The first of these skills you can get is Leap, which is unlocked in Chapter 3. Below are details of the places where you can find these parkour abilities.

Where do you get Leap in Forspoken?

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Jump Is is unlocked in Chapter 3 jumping in mulberry fountain of blessings, Located in barren field. The fountain can be found just outside Sipal’s gate, and is automatically marked on your map once you actually leave town. Once you get Leap, you can use Flow to run along the side of a mountain. However, now if you press l stick And circle button While in mid-air, you’ll get an extra jump. Using both Flow and Leap together will give you more height, and allow you to access most early game chests.

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How to level up in Forspoken

In Forspoken Frey can learn other spells/abilities to level up even more, but the hideout can be considered spoilers. So read further if you want to know more details.

As you progress through Forspoken, you’ll be able to unlock more moves that will improve Frey’s climbing abilities to climb even higher. after the leap, you learn zip after defeating stitched together, which allows you to dangle to a pole or anchor point on a wall and gain instant vertical height. Zip can be used with Leap.

the next climb ability is not gained until you go Tanta Prava in Evolet, After jumping from the right side of Merveil Bridge, you can find Evolet Rosewood Fountain of Blessings, where will you get fly high, Magic spells allow you to perform multiple jumps against walls in succession. When combined with Leap, you will be able to cross large obstacles with ease.

At the end, scale capability Is is unlocked Automatically from pouring hail Magic Tree, which allows you to fly higher using Phantom Foothills while holding it triangle button Below Although Scale cannot be combined with any other parkour ability, it is another spell that will help Frey soar to greater heights.

Finally, you can get float on water from Tendency Magic tree. This allows you to defy gravity and float for a few seconds, but stay more or less at the same height, allowing you to continue wall jumping onto an adjacent wall. This is also true for avoiding all the damage/stamina damage caused by a fall from a great height.

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