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Soryotonog Shrine (Buried Light) solution in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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It turns out the temples in the Gerudo Desert in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are sand both inside and out. Zelda fans who have played through Skyward Sword might get a good sense of nostalgia in this shrine though. Since there are fans that can be used to blow sand, it’s almost like using the gust bellows from Skyward Sword.

Location for Soryotonog Shrine (Burial Lights) in ToTk (Tears of the Kingdom)

Zelda Totk Buried Light Location
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The Soryotnog Shrine can be found at the top of Gerudo Town in the Kingdom of Tears. To get there, players must go through a sandstorm, but once inside, players will be able to walk and climb at will. The coordinates of this temple are -3881, -2961, 0123.

Soryotonog Shrine (Buried Light) walkthrough in TOTK (Zelda Tears in the Kingdom)

There are some sand dunes and a fan in the opening chamber of Sooryotnog Shrine. The first order of business is to clean out all the sand with the fan to reveal what’s underneath.

Zelda Totk Buried light activate fan
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It might seem intuitive to place the fan near the sand dunes and activate it, but I actually found that Link can use the Ultrahand and point the fan at the dune while walking around.

Zelda Totk Buried Light Walk with fan
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This saved me quite a bit of time, just because it can be a little tricky to line up the fan so that it blows the sand away.

There’s a small mound at the bottom of one of the sand dunes key, Use it on the door in the middle of the room to open another part of the temple. Take the fan from the first room and go inside. Below is a sand dune with a strange device. It is actually a metallic shell that reflects light.

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There is a hidden room on the left. Link could be taking arrow fire from a construction inside that room. To get inside, look on the left side of the cage; There should be a small corner along the roof that Link can use to ascend.

Zelda Totk Buried Light Ascend corner
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Climb on top of that roof to reach the hidden room. Link can snip build from here. There will be another fan and some more sand dunes in this room. Important to clarify is the sand dune at the bottom of the ramp as there is a beam of light coming from below.

Once this light appears, players can grab onto the other metal shield in the room and ramp it up.

Zelda Totk Buried Light first beam
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This part is a bit tricky. I found it best to use the UltraHand, aiming for the back-left corner of the room, and then angling it slightly to the left. The shield should be placed so that the light enters the room where Link was now.

Zelda Totk Buried Light second beam
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When players go back to the original room, a beam of light should flash. Take the first metal shield and lift it with the ultrahand to meet the beam of light. From there, turn around so that the light bounces off that shield onto the large target above the temple door. He will open the last gate and properly end the shrine.

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