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How do you get more credits in Titan Industries?

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In Titan Industries, just like in real life, your employees have to be paid. Each day, you must pay a certain amount of credits to your employees, depending on how many employees you have. However, if you have a credit crunch and cannot pay them their salaries, you may face unforeseen problems. Finding yourself with only 100 credits after paying your employees each day is not ideal. Come join us as we explain how to get more credits in Titan Industries.

How to farm credits in Titan Industries

Make sure every employee has a job

City employee management menu with a list of full-time jobs highlighted
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Since the amount of credits you earn is directly proportional to the amount of employees you work, This,it’s best to give your employees full,Time Jobs When Available, These jobs guarantee a consistent source of income, while ensuring that there is always someone to complete assignments. To access this city employee management menu, select the icon with an employee on it. Here, you can view important financial information, such as employee salaries and the total number of unspecified employees.

Create Monetization Stations for Idle Citizens

Monetization Station menu with the Credits Generated section highlighted
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When your citizens are not actively working on anything during the Work phase, They can work and earn credits at monetization stations, Each Monetization Station can only hold one citizen at a time, so be sure to build several of these. Monetization stations don’t cost a ton of energy, so they can be efficiently stacked in a factory for maximum profit.

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request credit from council

council hall with menu
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10 At the cost of effect, You can request 250 credits from the Council Hall, If you’ve been struggling with credit on a regular basis, this is a quick and easy way to save yourself the trouble. However, you cannot request credits non-stop, as each request requires a trade ticket. These tickets recharge over time, so they cannot be used quickly.

Build Offices for Massive Profits

office industries of titan
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building an office, You can earn 3072 credits each day, which should help you deal with debt. However, an office requires 32 energy to function, meaning you should prepare for this cost ahead of time by installing additional generators. When you can afford an office, it’s best to invest in these rather than factories with monetization stations.

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