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How to heal in Dark and Darker

Players crawling through Darker and Darker’s dungeons may find that they need to heal themselves or their friends after encountering a tough enemy.

deeper and deeper is an in-progress game that continues to grow in popularity. With the recently concluded Alpha Playtest, players have started to find out tips and tricks to complete the game. No matter which class the player chooses to build, healing will be relevant to all of them.

deeper and deeper is a Tarkov-like, PvPvE game that is steadily gaining traction in its alpha playtest. There are currently six different classes and players can have up to three characters together. More abilities and classes are likely to be added later, and with a combination of RPG and Battle Royale elements, the game looks pretty promising.

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healing in dark and darker

Dark And Darker Alpha Teaser Trailer

there are already some ways to recover deeper and deeper, with more likely on the way with the full release of the game. Currently, the surest way to heal is through healing potions and bandages. Like many RPG games, consumable healing items are the best way to ensure that a player will always have enough health for tasks. In a video from the Video Game Databank YouTube channel, players can see how to get health from various merchants before missions.

In levels, players can find and loot health items. Healing potions are bright red in color and stand out in gloomy levels. It can be difficult to locate the bandage in the beginning. Potions, as they stand now, will heal 15 HP over 20 seconds, while bandages will heal 10 HP instantly.

A less common but very effective treatment consumable in deeper and deeper There will be a campfire kit. These kits can be purchased from merchants prior to missions, most notably the Woodsman. This will cost the player 24 gold. However, this will allow players to heal not only themselves but any other companions they have brought along. This would make it especially effective in multiplayer. To use it, find a suitable spot in the dungeon and interact with it. A campfire will appear, which will heal players and increase certain skills and spells of various classes, like a bonfire in games. dark Souls,

Healing Shrines are also a viable healing opportunity within dungeons. deeper and deeper, They would present a white statue of a woman with a white sphere on top. These locations can only be used once, but can be found multiple times throughout the dungeon. Praying at the shrine will allow players to recover 100% of their HP.

in different class abilities deeper and deeper Will let players heal themselves and potentially others. According to the latest playtest, there are four main class abilities that allow players to heal. These can be seen in the table below:





victory strike

Next attack deals an additional 20% weapon damage. If you hit with this attack, recover 5% of your maximum HP.


second wind

Recover 50% of HP over 12. Eliminates side effects of adrenaline rush.


field ration

Recover 15 HP instantly.


war cry

Increases your and your party’s max HP by 25% for 7s.

In addition to those abilities, some spells can allow players to heal. It is currently confined to the cleric class deeper and deeper But can include others later. Holy Light, Laser Heal, and Resurrection can all recover some HP, with Resurrection allowing players to resurrect an ally from the dead. Holy Light can heal an ally for 30 HP, and Laser Heal will heal an ally or player for 15 HP.

For now, they are the known ways to heal deeper and deeper, There are likely to be more in the game as time progresses. While players may have to wait for the full release expected in late 2023, those interested in joining the next playtest can do so in February 2023 on Steam. whoever ventures into the dungeons deeper and deeper However, be glad to know that there are many ways to recover.

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