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Harvestella: Crafting Guide and Recipes

There are many things to craft in Harvestella, and many of their recipes are not straightforward to obtain.

Besides being a farming simulator, harvestella There are also some adventure elements. It is a game where players explore different parts of the map to discover different dungeons and areas. hence, harvestella Players can expand their farming skills by learning new crafting recipes and unlocking new recipes.

Each newly explorable area has its own unique recipes that can help players facilitate their exploration and more options to cure their hunger and fatigue. however, one must be persistent and grind daily as some recipes require patience like bomb recipes.

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Crafting at Harvestella

Crafting Table in Harvestella

To unlock crafting, players must reach Day 3 and obtain the Mayor’s Gift, which includes the Return Bell recipe and crafting table. Crafting recipes can be unlocked by completing game missions, purchasing them from shops, and meeting new characters. Here’s an overview of important crafting recipes harvestella,

sculptured object type how to unlock crafting materials Celebration
hammer tool Day 2 (Automatic) clean the stones
return bell sculptured object Day 3 (automatic) instant teleport home
repair kit sculptured object Dianthus (Day 6) mend bridges
bomb sculptured object aria
  • Firelight Fruit x2
  • natural fiber x2
Clear blocked path at destruction points
Flour Mill processing machine fire angel makes dough
feed manufacturer processing machine Buy from Konelu Emporium Produces Clufffall feed and Woollam feed
fermentation barrel processing machine fire angel produces juice
cheese maker processing machine Pawan Fairy
  • wood x2
  • rusty metal x2
  • soft cotton x2
produces cheese
non smoking processing machine Pawan Fairy
  • wood x2
  • rusty metal x2
  • Firelight Fruit x2
Produces smoked meats and eggs
jam maker processing machine Mermaid
  • wood x2
  • rusty metal x2
  • luminous liquid x2
produces jam
mayonnaise maker processing machine earth angel
  • wood x2
  • rusty metal x2
  • sparkly powder x2
makes mayonnaise
confectioner processing machine Mermaid
  • wood x2
  • rusty metal x2
  • luminous liquid x2
Processes Honey Flower, Nectarcane and Locomotive
spice maker processing machine earth angel
  • wood x2
  • rusty metal x2
  • sparkly powder x2
Produces Curry Herb and Revol Pepper
extinguisher sculptured object Mermaid
  • Lorelei’s Tears x1
  • Small Water Core x1
  • Monolight Fragment x5
water the crops

In addition to the items listed, there are also a few other crafters like Elemental Orbs (Arrow Orb, Fire Orb, Poison Orb, etc.), Fences, and upgraded versions of some equipment. For example, items such as bombs, repair kits, sprinklers, and makers can eventually be leveled up, increasing their effectiveness.

Most of the materials needed to craft items harvestella Contains pieces of lumber, rusted metal and monolith. Wood can be easily gathered around the world, while Monolith pieces and Rusted Metal can be obtained through mining.

harvestella Available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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