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Elden Ring: How to get better armor

Having good armor is important in Elden Ring but better armor will help you fight bosses and other enemies with ease. Armor gives you protection against various types of attacks such as physical, magical, fire, electricity, and more. And the more types of attacks it can protect you against, the better off you’ll think it is. But you should also take into account things like its weight and the data it requires. So check out this guide on how to get better armor in Elden Ring.

How to get better armor in Elden Ring

The only way to get better armor in Elden Ring is to either completely replace your armor or replace any existing armor that allows it. In the original Dark Souls, you could spend your resources to upgrade your armor pieces. That’s your Helm, Chest, Gauntlets, and Leggings. But in Elden Ring, that’s not an option. So the armor you get determines the defensive stats you have.

There are two main things you should keep in mind when getting armor in this game. The first is your equip load. It is optimal to have a light load, ie equip load less than 30%, but this is not really possible. So the next best equip load is between 30% to 70% and that’s really manageable. Not only can your armor reduce damage from enemy attacks with it, but your rolls and dodges are also decently fast. Anything above 70% is not recommended. If it goes above the 70% mark, you should raise your stamina to help increase your equip load.

The next thing to consider is the enemy you’re fighting. For example, the Bull Goat Armor is excellent for keeping high balance. But if you equip it and venture out to explore areas with scarlet rot buildup, that armor won’t be of much use. So the next thing to consider is where you are fighting you need to defend yourself.

Also a bonus thing to consider is your character class. If you are an astrologer who will do sorcery from a distance. Then a Lionel armor won’t be of much use, and will mostly just slow you down. Here’s what type of armor each class should use:

  • Heavy and Medium Armor: hero and vagabond
  • Medium and Light Armor: Bandits, Warriors, Prisoners and Samurai
  • light armor: Astrologer, Confidant and Prophet
  • For the Wretch class, you should choose an armor based on the stats you want to upgrade and your playstyle.

Best Armor Set to Use in Elden Ring

Here are some great armor sets that can be very useful in Elden Ring:

  • blade set
  • bull-goat set
  • carrion night set
  • crucible x set
  • General Radhan Set
  • night set
  • Lionel’s set
  • white reed set

You should find this armor works best for you based on the tips above and your play style.

That’s what this guide covers on how to get better armor in Elden Ring. I suggest you also check out our eldon ring To get help on similar topics like section best giant swords, top protection armor, armor with supreme poiseeven more.

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