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Genshin Impact Looks like this chest can’t be opened yet

Genshin has many story and events that reward you with lots of treasures and loot when completed. All of these items are of great use as some of them can be used to redeem even bigger prizes. In addition, the island hides collectibles that give more profit when obtained. One such obtainable item is a chest in the game. On opening it leaves a handful of loot which is no less than a treasure for the traveller. However, in Genshin Impact, there are some chests that display a problem saying, Looks like this box isn’t open yet, Learn more about this issue and how to solve it in game through our guide.

It looks like this box can’t be opened, still there is a problem with Genshin Impact

many chests inside Vanrana There is valuable loot in the cave. But, when tried to open, it displays Looks like this box isn’t open yet on screen. This problem arises because you haven’t searched all Arnarsi Besides in the Sumeru region, there are In this game there are 76 aranara which need to be found in order to open those chests.

ordinary, exquisite, precious, splendid and remarkable There are five types of chests in the game. Also, these are scattered around the map of the chest. taywoto, Opening them gives you the loot that includes Primogems, Adventure Exp, Mora, Sigils, Character Exp Materials, Weapon Enhancement Materials, Weapons, and Artifacts, Here is the solution to your problem in game:

follow this video wow search And get the location of all 76 Aranara in Genshin Impact:

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Looks like this chest can’t be opened, yet Genshin Impact has to solve the problem. If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our other guide Feather Changing Vanaraan to see Aranara.


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