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Future 2: Weekly Eververse Vibrant Mud Stock – 6/28/2022

Most of the items offered in the Eververse store can only be purchased with Silver, Destiny’s in-game payment currency. This means that – in order to buy these items – players have to spend real money on them. However, each week, a small selection of these items will be put on sale for Bright Dust, which is currency earned in the game, giving players the opportunity to purchase these items without spending cash in the real world. Here are the items available for Bright Dust for the week of June 28, 2022.

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Tej Dhool Prasad

Thing type price (bright dust)
concentrated substance consumable 200
glimmershard consumable 250
scavenger boon consumable 250
egregor shell alien ghost shell 2,850
live disco dance mythological spirit 700
Eris Morn Projection legendary transmate effect 450
irradiant chariot mythical shady 300
first gig alien multiplayer spirit 4,250
finger heart rare feeling 400
war-wear shell alien ghost shell 2,850
not to be loved, to be cherished Weapon Ornament for Beloved 700
gigante’s career foreign ship 2,000
sky dream Ornament for the traveler’s chosen weapon 1,250
Pegasus Projection mythical ghost launch 1,500
Vibrant Beach mythical shady 300
first light mythical shady 300
jungle viper mythical shady 300
time honored mythical shady 300
single processed legendary transmate effect 450
jade coin effect legendary transmate effect 450
nightmares emerge legendary transmate effect 450

All those items are on sale in the Eververse store for Bright Dust this week. These items will be available for purchase until the next weekly reset, which occurs on July 5, 2022 at 1pm ET/10am PT.

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