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Fortnite Dropper Codes (June 2022) – Easiest Dropper Maps!

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Dropper maps are a popular map type for games that allow custom content. The premise is that players start high and must find their way to the bottom as fast as possible or without dying.

Typically, these maps have thematic elements to attract players or unique content that sets them apart from the rest. In our list, we’ve chosen the best of these maps from the list available, focusing heavily on the recently released maps!

Best Fortnite Dropper Map Codes List

  • 10. Hard Theme Dropper: 5770-8295-2150
  • Variety Dropper: 3547-1699-5825
  • Dropper de l’Impossible #2: 8852-0483-3945
  • Garden Dropper 4: 4221-0987-2879
  • Default dropper + deathrun: 4392-6608-9942

Best Fortnite Dropper Maps

10. Hard Theme Dropper

1656436430 409 Fortnite Dropper Codes June 2022 Best Dropper Maps
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Code: 5770-8295-2150

It’s a social map that allows up to 16 players to attempt to get to the bottom of 10 difficult levels at once. Each level has its own theme, providing everyone with a completely unique environment and obstacles to overcome. This map was created by Larron, a popular map-maker who has created dozens of different maps, including a Poppy playtime-themed horror map!

Variety Dropper

Code: 3547-1699-5825

Variety Dropper is a fun and somewhat popular dropper map by well-known mapmaker 2xVOID. This map follows the standard “avoid stuff while you fall” format, but the variety of objects you need to avoid is what gives this map its own game. It challenges you on multiple aspects of the Dropper map in which in each level, you must dodge a variety of objects and use different strategies. If you want to set a standard for comparing to other Dropper maps, this is ideal!

Dropper de l’Impossible #2

Dropper de l’Impossible #2: 8852-0483-3945
Dropper de l’Impossible #1: 8747-2781-6999

If you are looking for one of the most challenging dropper maps around, this should be your first choice. There’s no rhyme or rhythm to the levels – it looks like the developer took random objects in the game and threw them all at once, making it Take It is impossible to make it to the end. However, as shown in the video guide above, there is a way to pass each level! Do you think you can reach the end of this extremely difficult dropper map? More importantly, do you think you can make it without using a guide?

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Garden Dropper 4

Garden Dropper 4: 4221-0987-2879
Garden Dropper 3 Part 3: 1657-3242-2391
Garden Dropper 3 Part 2: 4874-3688-0805
Garden Dropper 3 Part 1: 8531-6488-9550
Garden Dropper 2: 3853-5270-2082
Garden Dropper 1: 0941-5376-4247

Garden Dropper 4 is the fourth installment in the Garden Dropper series, one of the most popular dropper maps out there. It was developed by well-known Fortnite mapmaker Chaupala, who has been featured in many of our other Fortnite map lists. Garden Dropper 4 continues the series formula by providing players with an entertaining, but challenging, Fortnite map that will surely keep you busy for hours.

Default Dropper + Death Run

Code: 4392-6608-9942

This map works as a combo map for players who like dropper and deathrun. It has seven levels of increasing difficulty, of which noob to pro skill level, as per its description. Additionally, it gives players the option to use the Time Trial mechanic, where you race through difficult levels as fast as you can – a great way to show off your control, reaction time and overall skill to other players!

That’s what we have for the best dropper maps ever! Be sure to check back for updates as new maps become available!

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