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Forspoken: Lost Lullaby Walkthrough

After you’ve defeated the final boss of Forspoken, completed the main campaign, and the credits roll, you’ll be able to continue your adventures in Athia. You can use this time to clean out any collectibles you may have left behind. However, the very first and foremost thing you should do is play through Lost Lullaby Detour,

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While most Detours are fairly forgettable, offering minor upgrade content at best, Lost Lullabies offers a plot pointAdding a beautiful capstone to Frey’s emotional journey.

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how to start lost lullaby

To start Lost Lullaby, you need find johedi, Archivist. He can be found tending to the books among the bookshelves, rather than in his usual place in the archives. standing halfway up the stairs leading to the archives,

She will say that she found some more information about Frey’s mother, Cinta, and her meet him in the archives, This will start the Detour.

talk to johedi in the archives

Forspoken Frey archivist speaking with Johedi

To continue the conversation, go back to the steps and go to the archive.

They found a journal detailing Junoon’s downfall and specifically mentioned Tanta Cinta being pregnant – a fact that few people knew about. The magazine belonged to Counselor Janesh, In case you don’t remember Genesh, he used to call you a monster for most of the game, tried to stab you In front of everyone, and in secret, he was stripped of his position and locked up.

then you will need look for genesh for some answers.

Talk to Janesh in the Tower of Binnoi

Forspoken Frey leading to the Tower of Binnoi

Towards the Tower of Binnoi – where you stayed for a while stopped early in the game – To talk with him.

Despite saving the city (and Athia’s world), Genesh is still very cold towards you. At this point, Genesh reveals quite a bit.

  • He Everyone knew that Frey was Tanta Cinta’s child,
  • She felt that once pregnant, Sinta was less loved by her people. And stopped prioritizing them, became a failure of the influx. Due to this, They think Cinta has given up on Junoon To ensure Frey’s safety.
  • He didn’t know Frey’s father, but may be robin,

He closes the conversation by giving Frey an A. small key,

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Return to Junoon Castle

Forspoken passion castle map

With no explanation of what the key can unlock, Frey and Cuff decide to return to Junoon. the grove gate — the entry from which you first went to Sipal — is now unlocked,

Exit the Grove Gate and make your way to Quest marker located in Junoon Castle, This is where you arrived when you were being taken to Athia for the first time.

Freespoken battling nightmares in a breakstorm

Near Junoon Castle, A breakstorm will whip, and after entering through the main gate, you will be faced with Multiple waves of Nightmare enemies Waiting for you Eliminate these foes, and the storm will subside.

enter the palace and follow the path

Forspoken Frey approaching Junoon Castle portrait

After the battle is over and the breakstorm is over, head inside the palace, Upon entering the destination, you will be greeted A vision of Tanta Cinta, Follow this apparition through some familiar routes through Passion Castle until you reach a chandelier and a ruined room. far end picture frame, Approach the picture frame and interact with it to reveal a recess behind it, which holds a book and a small lockbox.

Forspoken Free Holding Music Box at Junoon Castle

it turned out to be a Music Box with heart inscription for Frey.

Frey then experiences a kind of vision/conversation with the spirit of her mother, Tanta Cinta, in which she professes her love for her daughterHow much she wishes that they could share their life together.

Emboldened by this final revelation of love, Frey is more determined to keep Athia safe in her memory.

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