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Forspoken: Chapter 1 Walkthrough (Attachment)

Like most other modern action-adventure games, forspoken begins with a tutorial chapter of sorts, which serves not only to introduce Frey, the game’s protagonist, but also to teach players how to control his basic movements. As might be expected from a tutorial section, Chapter 1 starts out pretty slow but ends with a bit of a bang.

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Those hoping to complete the chapter in one sitting should allow approximately 25 minutes to do so. There are no side missions or collectibles in Chapter 1 of forspoken, so it is unlikely that players will need more time than this. In fact, the game grips the player’s hand so tightly that completing the attachments is almost a formality.

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court hearing

forspoken Begins with a court hearing in which the protagonist Frey finds himself standing before a judge. There’s little to do here except players Read the three documents on the desk in front of Frey, which provide a little more insight into his checkered past. Eventually, after a few more cutscenes and a fair amount of talking, the judge will let Frey off with a stern warning and a slap on the wrist, after which, the player will find themselves on the streets of New York City.

hell’s kitchen streets


Once outside the courthouse, players must follow the markers to his right. If they stray too far off the beaten path, the game will automatically force them back onto it, making the effort to explore the area here futile. Continuing to follow the quest markers, Frey will soon come across a group of thugs and will need to use her terrifying parkour skills to escape. Sadly, this is all done automatically, with no telling of the players as to how events unfold.


Eventually, the player will find themselves in an alleyway and must run from the pursuing gang, as getting too close to them will result in game over. Service avoid getting caughtIn order to run, players must push in the left analog stick and must press the X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) button whenever they need to jump. After running through a few more alleyways and dodging all the thugs, the player will be able to access Frey’s apartment by pressing either the Triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox) button by going up the fire escape ladder.

frey’s apartment


The objective changes once players are inside Frey’s apartment, with players tasked with finding his cat, Homer. Before they can do that, though, they must first investigate the copy of alice in wonderland on the table, cat food on the kitchen counter, sneakers on the shelf to the left of the bedroom door, and shoe box In the corner opposite the kitchen counter. then they can check it money bag In the bedroom closet, after which, they can find Homer by simply kicking him out of the bedroom.


Upon finding Homer, Frey decides to go to sleep, but soon finds her apartment in complete disarray. Although it is possible to interact with the money bag, Fry will not pick it up until after Homer has found it. Thankfully, the sweet little kitty is alive and well under the kitchen counter, but by the time Frey finds him, the bedroom will be completely engulfed in flames and the money with it. At this point, all that’s left to do is leave the apartment, which can be done by interacting with the mattress by the window.

the mysterious cuff


With his escape plan now in tatters and his house burned to the ground, Frey takes Homer to Judge Bird and then disappears into the night to ponder his situation. She sits on top of a neon sign somewhere in the city when a strange light catches her attention and leads her to a dilapidated building below it. After gaining control, players must descend the ladder and go to the window of the buildingThrough which they would see a mysterious golden cuff sitting on a table.


To get inside the building, players must go to the window on the right and Use a nearby trash can to climb over the open door on the top floor. Once inside, players can descend the stairs and get a closer look at the cuffs by pressing either the triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox) button. Doing so will trigger another cutscene and end the first chapter of the game. Players will then have a chance to save the game, after which they will find themselves in Chapter 2. forspokenStuck.

forspoken Available now on PS5 and PC.

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