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Find out how to get and use Sanguin Elixir in ARK Survival Developed

You can speed up the process of subduing creatures in ARK Survival Evolved with the help of Sanguine Elixir. While it sounds good to use, getting it can be quite a hassle. But knowing the process you can make a bunch of them in no time. So in this guide let’s see how to get and use the Sanguine Elixir in Ark Survival Evolved.

How to get Sanguin Elixir in Ark Survival Evolved

How to get Sanguin Elixir in Ark
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You can get Sanguin Elixir in the game when you tame a Desmodus and add a blood pack to his inventory. Petting a Desmodus is an important step in this process because without this creature you won’t be able to obtain this item. We will see how to get Desmodus, first let us examine the process of making the elixir:

  1. Tame a Desmodus and put a saddle on it.
  2. next, open its list,
  3. Here, add 200 blood packs, This will give you 1 Sanguine Elixir.
  4. now, Click on the consumable button,
  5. This will give you the option to create a Sanguine Elixir.
  6. Click on it and you will get the elixir.

ARK. How to Use Sanguine Elixir in

You can use the Sanguine Elixir to increase a creature’s taming process by 30%. To use it:

  1. Kill a creature and make it unconscious.
  2. Stand near it and use the Sanguine Elixir.

Once you do this, it will automatically prompt the process of tame the creature. You can also use it to speed up the process of raising a baby creature by 30%. Remember though, you can only use one Sanguine Elixir per creature.

How to Tame a Desmodus

You need a blood pack to tame Desmodus. And to make it you need a blood extraction syringe. Find a Desmodus once you’ve collected a good number of blood packs. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Add multiple blood packs to your inventory.
  2. Find a Desmodus and let it take you.
  3. While it moves you, it will consume your blood pack.

During consumption, you will eventually tame Desmodus.

It includes everything you need to know about Sanguin Elixir in Ark Survival Evolved and how to get a Desmodus. If you are planning to play this game then you may find useful our other guides on how check server status, Play it in single-player modeAnd get majolniro,

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