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Clean Sweep DMZ Mission Guide

High-level faction missions in Call of Duty: Warzone test players’ abilities to survive and get kills in a DMZ infiltration zone. Clean Sweep for Tier 5 Legion is one of the most challenging missions in the game and can only be completed on building 21 Map, which is available during the weekend. To deploy at the facility, you must have a DRC Building 21 Access Card in your key store, which you can obtain from supply drops or buy from Buy Stations on other maps for $30,000.

Clean Sweep Mission DMZ

Dog Tag (image by Pro Game Guide)
  • Remove 9 enemy dog ​​tags from Building 21 in one deployment.

There are only four squads of three players each inside Building 21 in a match. This includes your team and three other parties, ie nine enemy players. So, you need to collect dog tags of each operator on the map and take out with them to complete the clean sweep mission.

Your only objective for this mission is to hunt down enemy players while surviving the armored bots in the facility. First and foremost, we recommend that you deploy to Building 21 with the proper gear, including custom weapons, a level three vest, a large backpack, and a self-revive kit. As soon as the match timer starts, start searching and killing players.

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We recommend you to start from the first floor and clean all the floors thoroughly. Don’t worry about looting dog tags right after killing players as you can grab them after the squad is finished and the threat is gone. You can also loot dog tags from enemies you haven’t even killed. Also, check enemies’ backpacks to see if they have any extra dog tags.

To accommodate nine dog tags, you’ll need a large backpack. If you can’t find it, ask your teammates to get some for you. The first extraction comes when the match timer hits 7 minutes, allowing you to extract if you’ve collected all nine dog tags. However, this mission is not as easy as it seems as the players stationed in Building 21 are usually well prepared, and so should you be. Here’s another cool tip: Equip SZ Holotherm Optic on your AR/SMG/LMG to see better in the dark.

Stay tuned with Pro Game Guide for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, visit our article on the Time Limit DMZ mission guide.

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