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Civilization 6: Sejong Leader Guide

Here’s a new perspective on the Korean Empire, and civilization 6 Fans who own the Leader Pass won’t want to miss out on this great builder. Sejong Daewang is the latest Korean leader available in the game, and he has his own special ability to try out players.

In form of civilization 6 Leader Pass finally hits its fifth wave, with three renowned builders taking the world stage. Among the new characters are Theodora, Ludwig II and Sejong. This article will guide players to guarantee that they follow the right path to victory with none other than Sejong.

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Features and Capabilities

There’s a new way to play in Korea civilization 6, Instead of using Seondeok as a leader with his Hwarang ability, players can try Sejong and his Hangul Ability. In every other aspect, Korean civilization is similar, but the approach can really affect how players decide what pace they should take their game. Here are all of Sejong’s abilities and unique features.


how it works

leader ability


After perfecting a technology from a new era, gain culture equal to doubling the science generated per turn

civilization potential

three Kingdoms

  • +1 Science to Mines for each adjacent Seven District
  • +1 food to farms for every adjacent consumption district

unique unit


  • unique korean renaissance era land unit
  • Unlocked after researching Gunpowder
  • Replaced field cannon – lower production cost, lower maintenance cost, but loss of minor melee power
  • 2 Movement, 2 Vision
  • 60 range strength, 2 range
  • 45 melee power
  • 3 Gold Maintenance Cost

unique district


  • open after researching writing
  • Premise Space – Low Production Cost
  • +4 Science
  • -1 Science for every adjacent district
  • Hills must be built on tiles

how to play as sejong

researching a new technology

Sejong’s hangul ability allows him to receive a heavy culture boost whenever he researches a new age technology., However, there are only eight eras in the game. These are very well spaced apart, especially when playing games at epic or marathon speeds. Therefore, unfortunately, the player often will not be able to take advantage of his potential.

The most important aspect of playing Sejong (and Korea in general) is his access to the Seowon District and the Three Kingdoms potential. while setting up a civilization 6 game for Sejong, players can consider opening advanced options and Establishing the World Age in the New World Age. This way, the map will have a lot of hills.

Access to hills on the map gives Seowon more options and also makes it possible for Sejong to build mines nearby. The more mines Sejong Sejong was able to build near the Seowon districts, the more he would benefit from the potential of the Three Kingdoms, It is very important to have the best district placement strategy when playing Korea as it can give them huge advantages. For example, if a Seven is surrounded by at least three mines and is not built next to another district (including the city center), that district will grant at least +7 Science per turn; A huge amount for just one city.

If the player invests heavily in Science and takes advantage of this ability as much as possible, they will be on their way to guaranteed Science victory.

civilization 6 Available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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