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Chained Echoes: Deals Guide (How To Unlock & Buy)

With its unique turn-based battle system, chain echoes Rather, it is a comprehensive purchasing system. Players can buy, sell, or deal with merchants to earn Arks or obtain new items.

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However, the most attractive part of this system, the deals section, is unlocked later in the game and can be confusing to beginners. chain echoes, Therefore, this guide aims to simplify the deals and reveal the nuances of shopping in Valendis.

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What are deals?

Deals are optional objectives that players complete by selling specific loot to a merchant. Each deal has a “Required Materials” section, which shows what items are needed to complete it. A green checkmark next to the item indicates a successful sale and a gray checkmark indicates insufficient loot.

Players should think of the deal as a mystery box with a discount. Merchants need items, and players need boxes, so the two sides strike a deal and exchange.

How to unlock deals for merchants

During the Lovely Banquet mission, players must head to the center of Farnsport, where there is a large market place. Once there, they must locate and speak to the Ultimate Dealer. It is a fish half buried in the middle. After the dialogue, they can sell him the Otterhorse Perch and then buy the first deal to unlock the option.

Since the starting deal is a demo, it is completely free. However, subsequent contracts would require players to be paid. As one might expect, the better the prize, the higher the price. Once the Ultimate Dealer Deal option is unlocked, players can access it from all other merchant spots, so there is no need to revisit Farnsport every time.

How to complete deals and get new deals

To complete a deal, players only need to sell the required material to a merchant. Every sale automatically unlocks new deals and allows players to purchase ready-made deals.

Players are notified whenever new deals become available, like new unlockable skills. For completing them they earn extra items, weapons and armor and it’s one of the best ways to level up quickly.

Does each merchant have different deals?

The list of deals is shared among all merchants and the items purchased by them collectively count towards the player’s progress. This means that vending is carried over from one dealer to another.

If players sell one of the three required items to Merchant #1, they can sell the other two required items to Merchant #2 and still be able to buy the deal.

chain echoes Available now for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

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