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Breath of the Wild: Fateful Stars Walkthrough (KO Rugh Shrine)

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  • Fateful Stars (Ko Rug) Shrine
  • Lucky Stars Puzzle 2 (chest)

It has 120 shrines breath of the wild, and players must complete each one of them if they want more HP/Heart containers or Stamina/Stamina Wheels. Some Shrines are part of the Shrine Quest, which require certain steps before activating the link. Fortunately, most are out in the open, and this includes Keo Ruge Shrine.

breath of the wildThe Keo Rug Shrine test is called “Lucky Stars”. As its name indicates, the KO will not be a major test of rogue power, so Link won’t have to worry about the fight. The key to the “Fateful Stars” puzzle is to look around the main room.

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Fateful Stars (Ko Rug) Shrine

players would like to activate Keo Rug Shrine because it’s near the master sword korok forest, This shrine will be useful for those attempting the Trials of the Sword, as it bypasses the Lost Woods section of the Korok Forest.

If this is the player’s first time activating the KO Rogue Shrine, they’ll want to go Miro Shaz Shrine From Woodland Stables, Follow the path from the stables to the Korok Forest. Once in the wild, Link will need follow the flame of the torches To navigate through the Lost Woods. Take the torch weapon, light it, and watch carefully where the embers are flying. Derailing and wandering into the mist will cause Link to black out and respawn at the entrance to the Lost Woods.

Players will know they are close to the KO Rogue Shrine when the Shrine Sensor starts beeping. it’s under way to the left of hatsu, Activate it with the Sheikah Slate to unlock a new warp point, and then go inside to get the Spirit Orb.

lucky stars puzzle 1

Upon entering, the player will see that there are four rows of orange hollows and two spheres on each side. each side will need two balls, so leave them for now. Examine the slabs on the platform for a hint on how to solve the “Lucky Stars” test. It says that Link will need to “look to the stars for guidance” and that “the constellations are key.” This does not mean leaving the temple and waiting till night to see the stars. look around, and there will be orange constellations on the wall, The spheres go into the socket that represents the constellation (one constellation per row).

If players are still having problems, here are the solutions:

left side of slab

Lucky Stars Shrine on the left

right side of slab

loz botw on the right

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Lucky Stars Puzzle 2 (chest)

Low's Above Night's Claymore Faithful Stars Shrine

Once the door is open, Link can go to the Sage and obtain the Soul Orb. However, if the player wants to get the chest (in the room with the monk to the immediate right), they have to go back to the previous room. This time, link will be required repeat a different constellation, Successfully completing the second puzzle will open the gate. open the chest to receive knight’s claymore,

Remove the spheres from their resting place, and place them in the following places:

left side of slab

Lose Bottom Left Side Chest Second Puzzle

right side of slab

loz botw fateful stars right side chest

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Available for Nintendo Switch.

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