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The 10 Best Game Over Sequences, Ranked

In the days of arcades, players essentially kept going until they ran out of tokens. The idea of ​​a game with any sort of narrative or conclusion was absolutely unheard of. However, with the march of technology, the medium became more story-driven. Players were given more agency in how these interactive stories could be concluded.

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However, one tradition remained: life ended, and the game was over. While completing their quest can be quite a shock, players can still get some enjoyment out of an elaborate game over sequence. Sometimes, they prove to be so amusing that it’s actually worth failing to see how bad things can get.

10 spider-man vs the kingpin

sega cd version spider-man vs kingpin used the extra space on stage to rework the original Genesis iteration. The game featured fully animated and voiced cutscenes, which not only explained the narrative but also showed what happened when Spidey fell in battle.

Depending on where the player loses, Webhead also finds himself in a prison cell, a hospital bed, or an acid pit. While players could continue from the first two scenarios, the latter of these served as a bad ending where the wall-crawler and MJ meet a gruesome demise.

9 Dragon’s Lair

Dirk the Daring watches over the player's bones as they decay.

Rick Dyer and Don Bluth’s Arcade Smash Dragon’s Lair This paved the way for many interactive movie games in its wake. The gameplay was simple: players were tasked with keeping Dirk the Daring alive by pressing the right buttons at the right times.

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If players choose wrong or are too slow, they will be treated with an elaborately animated death scene. While the animation still proves to be as dazzling as ever, there’s no denying the game’s lack of interactivity and limited lasting appeal. Still, it can be fun to watch how the brave hero meets his untimely end.

8 Maximo: Ghost to Glory

The Grim Reaper charges Maximo to continue.

Capcom’s Maximo Ghosts To Glory Was A Loving Homage To The 8-Bit Classics Of Old, Like Their Past Ghosts n’ Goblins Topic. The game saw King Maximo betrayed by his evil advisor and amass an army of slain.

Luckily, the Grim Reaper doesn’t like the idea of ​​being out of a job and gives Maximo one more chance to save his kingdom and his beloved queen. However, there’s a catch. Anytime the players’ lives run out, Death will charge them special tokens to continue. Should they fail to fathom, Grimm gives Maximo his break in more ways than one.

7 final battle

Mike Hager tries to blow the fuse in the dynamite.

There’s nothing like a tense screen that puts the pressure on players to pump for more quarters. Capcom’s final battle Mayor Mike Hager and the crew take on the Mad Gear gang in order to rescue his daughter Jessica from their clutches. However, should the heroes fall under their attack, they are tied up and left with a stick of dynamite.

If players insert a coin, a knife is thrown from offscreen to extinguish the fuse. If not, the screen fades to white as the sound of an explosion but confirms that Hagar has just been relieved of his mayoral duties and his mortal coil.

6 banjo kazooie

Tootie undergoes a drastic transformation.

banjo kazooie Rare began a trend of over-detailed sequences depicting a final “what if” scenario where the villains triumph. The game centers around the bear and bird of the same name rescuing Banjo’s sister Tootie as they travel through Gruntilda’s treacherous castle.

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The vile witch aims to transfer the young bear’s beauty to herself through her underling’s special contraption. Should players lose all their lives or quit the game, they are treated to a cutscene in which Gruntilda emerges from her cell as an attractive woman while Tootie transforms into a deformed monster.

5 total distortion

The player falls to a Guitar Warrior.

poprocket’s total distortion The game was an idiosyncratic mix of several genres such as graphic adventure, business management and RPG. Players take control of an interdimensional entrepreneur who moves through “Distortion Dimensions” to create the most amazing music videos.

The game attracted a cult following for its quirky sense of humor. One of its most admirable aspects was its irreverent play on sequence. Whether players fall to a Guitar Warrior, burn to a crisp, or run out of their life force, the game taunts them with a song and visual of their demise.

4 Conker’s Bad Fur Day

There are many ways Conker can take to meet his end.

Rare’s hilarious character action platformers put players in the shoes of a foul-mouthed squirrel named Conker. Set in the seemingly holy cartoon world, Conker’s Bad Fur Day There was a blasphemous breakdown where the beloved hero’s actions did far more harm than help.

However, one tradition that Rare kept alive was the inclusion of elaborate game over sequences. Each of these views varies depending on the circumstances in which the rodent bites the dust. For example, if the player is dismembered in their previous life, the guards will hand the Panther King a bloody bag.

3 The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Moon Crashing Into Termina

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Deviated from the standard “Link rescues the princess from the evil Goon” formula to provide a much more contrasting and darker entry. The protagonist has only three days to save Termina from the descending moon before it comes crashing down and wipes out all life. With the power of the Ocarina, Link can travel back to the first day.

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Link loses all of his consumables in the process, but retains all accumulated plot-important items such as the mask and his upgrades. However, should players run out of that three-day time limit, they are treated to a scene in which Termina is wiped from the moon.

2 undertale

Floye taunts the player and force quits the game.

Upon its initial 2015 release, undertale Appreciated by critics for its wonderful mix of game mechanics and narrative. Several bosses subvert the player’s expectations and provide unforgettable moments. Generally, if players lose, they are encouraged not to give up and are given the option to try again.

However, losing to Flowey causes the aforementioned villain to say, “It’s all just a bad dream… and you’re never waking up!” When the game is forced to end, the screen is filled with malevolent flower laughter. It’s a delightfully scary fourth wall breaking.

1 King’s Quest VI: Heir Today’s Gone Tomorrow

Sikandar arrives at his final resting place.

Sierra Games was notorious for the many ways in which players could meet their untimely demise early in their adventures. It has often been a point of contention with critics and competitors such as LucasArts. Regardless of players’ stance, it can’t be denied that these elaborate fiascos really know how to hook it up with their gruesome animations and pun-filled descriptions.

King’s Quest VI deserves special attention because its game over sequence actually serves as a preview of the place the player must eventually go while keeping their bodies intact: the Realm of the Dead. The game also includes optional sequences for non-fatal failures such as turning into an animal.

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