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All Duotrigordle #114 Solutions (June 24, 2022)

Daily Duotrigordal is a puzzle based on the hugely popular Wordle. However, instead of guessing just one word, players must guess 32 five-letter words within 37 tries! The remarkable number of words can make this daily puzzle incredibly difficult, and sometimes you just need a little help figuring out the last two words.

All Duotrigordle #114 answers

The list below provides all 32 answers in Duotrigordal #114, issued on June 24, 2022.

gland torus match Garbage
electronic cunning weave Truce
muzzle accomplished Wrong hungry
riding label drill Word
blurry Risen stout pull
CADDY theta slate Hover
spicy Razor gang mauve
array anode raincoat Macintosh

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How to play

Here’s a basic description of the game’s instructions:

  1. Guess a word by entering it on your keypad, then hitting it enter,
  2. The game will show you which letters you guess are green and which are yellow for each word. yellow It means that you have matched one letter in the word, but it is in the wrong place. green It means that you have matched the letter and position of a letter in the word. letters that keep black Backgrounds are not in that specific word.
  3. Your next guess Make a word that matches the correct letters of your previous word.
  4. If you find all the correct letters, you will eventually find all the correct letters and positions of each word in the game. Do this for all four words to solve the Daily Duotrigordal!

Today’s Duotrigordal solved? Check out our list of answers to the Daily Wordle by The New York Times and all the answers to the Daily Quardle!

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