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A Guide to Mastering Velma

fans of Scooby Doo The franchisee will be very aware of what and how capable Ms. Velma Dinkley Is. Brunette M in her iconic orange sweater and miniskirt. has a brainystery inc. And is known for her ability to solve the case even before the final revelations.

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multiverse Lives up to his cartoon traits and categorizes him under the support category. Her character takes full limelight in 2pv2p mode, and her variety of benefits provide buffs to her allies in tough times of need.

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basic attack

move type move name description
neutral ground auxiliary words A word bubble projectile that seeks out nearby characters – ally or foe on first contact. In such a case, the character in contact is set as a target for the entire duration, and additional bubbles are automatically attracted to them. In scenarios where the chosen character is an ally, they are granted the ability “quickly” for a brief period. This trick is based on the ammo number and can be repeated until the ammo runs out.
neutral air auxiliary words Similar to ‘neutral ground’
side ground Quip Master There isn’t much to add here. Velma resorts to sledging, which deals damage to opponents.
side air light em up A supercharged move where Velma is equipped with a flashlight has the chance to produce evidence of enemy contact.
above the ground bright idea A supercharged move where Velma charges an Idea bulb overhead that has a chance to produce evidence of enemy contact.
wind up Strong Wind – Dea The trick and its benefits remain the same as in “Bright Idea” but it doesn’t require a supercharge.
down ground calculated victory A supercharged move where Velma fires a reckoning that deals damage to the enemy while producing proof on impact.
down air my glasses A ‘Jinkies, I lost my glasses’ harkens back to the old Scooby Doo cartoon. Velma drops her glasses and knocks down any enemies in front of her while she tries to find them back.

special attack

move type move name description
neutral ground special motivational speaker Velma fires a long-range speech beam that has a super combo hit effect on enemies while healing any and all nearby allies. In the event of an ally’s last contact, the beam receives a final stand, which from there evolves into a more rigid beam. On the other hand, with the last effect being an enemy, the affected character will suffer a weak debuff. The beam can be directed both up and down with the player’s input. It should also be noted that any enemy hit by his beam is marked for the next word bubble and has a chance to produce evidence upon hit.
neutral air special Similar to ‘Neutral Ground Special’
side ground special sharp thinker A supercharged gait where Velma sprints forward in the direction of the front. Allies on his way may come across Velma’s arms. This would increase the film’s overall DPS while granting Velma and her ally a weapon, one point of armor, and temporary health. On the other hand, any enemy caught along the way will be thrown upwards at the end of the move.
side air special hit the books Velma brings out a textbook projectile and sends it forward that shocks enemies upon contact.
up ground special toxic mixture Velma dispenses poisonous goo and ground and springs up from it. Any or all enemies that fall on Goo will be battered by a slow debuff and progress to a complete freeze.
up air special shutterbug Velma clicks a picture with a camera facing down which acts as a projectile to propel her and nearby enemies upwards, breaking any or all enemy armor. It also affects broken armor and opens enemies up to deal significant damage and knock back.
down ground special spread knowledge Velma shoots a book projectile that is propped up on her colleague. This would provide Velma and ally with the projectile and obtain an educated buff. Provides benefits such as shorter cooldowns.
down air special Similar to ‘Down Ground Special’

perk list

Velma gets her first perk at Mastery Level 2 and her last perk at Mastery Level 13.

dead shot Level 2. Feather

Panted Target Level 4. Feather

slippery customer Level 7. Feather

Signature: studied Level 8. Feather

Signature: knowledge is power level 10. Feather

shirt cannon sniper level 11. Feather

ice to beat you level 12. Feather

kill me if you’re able level 13. Feather

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Finding the right combo (signature, attack, utility and defense) can make the character play differently on the field. The best perk combo at the moment for Velma is: Studied (Signature) – Deadshot (Slot 1) – Shirt Cannon Slipper (Slot 2) – Ice to Beat You (Slot 3).


In addition to gameplay features, players can also access in-game collectibles for Velma.

Luo Velma: The only other costume skin for the character can be purchased for 1500 Gleamium

Announcer Velma: Announcer Velma Pack, which has voice add-ons and can be purchased for 100 glimiums

dance: An Emotional Warp, can be bought at Gleamium 500

MutliVersus is a free-to-play multiplayer game available for PC, Xbox (Xbox One and Series X/S), and PlayStation (PS4 and PS5).

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