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SmartBOD – A Smarter Waste Water Supplement

SmartBOD is an advanced carbon source that provides the building blocks for biological life. This product offers a cost-effective solution to chronic problems related to low food and flow rates that are too low for the plant design. SmartBOD contains bioavailable amino acids, complex proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients that bacteria in biological wastewater processes need to form flocs and effectively remove nutrients.

Wastewater treatment plants fed with SmartBOD have better settling properties and produce clearer effluent than plants fed with other carbon additives. Also, plants with a history of low F:M filaments, such as Type 1851 and Type 0041/0675, become less prone to filament breakouts.

Dietary supplements such as dog food and chicken feed have traditionally been used to boost BOD. These foods contain more fats and phosphorus than are conducive to sewage bacteria. They also contain high levels of inert solids, which accumulate in a wastewater treatment system and trap organic matter, resulting in low DO conditions.

Crude glycerin and molasses provide a nutritional supplement in the form of sugar. While they can quickly grow a bacterial population, they are not well equipped to digest anything other than sugar and offer little advantage in digesting common municipal or industrial BOD. In fact, sugar-based additives typically result in cloudy effluent and polysaccharide slime.

The human body cannot get by on sugar alone, and neither can a sewage treatment plant. While traditional supplements provide a source of fuel, they lack the nutrient balance and flocculants that wastewater bacteria need. SmartBOD is a complete fuel source to enhance your biology at a significantly lower dosage than sources such as dog and chicken food or a sugar source.

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