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Why Small Businesses Support Slow Food USA • Slow Food USA

Slow Food USA created the Small business support program to provide our business partners with benefits similar to those of an individual Slow Food membership. Supporters help our organization continue the work we do to advance food equity, biodiversity and just food systems. Two of our small business supporters, lady and pantry and Fairfield & Greenwich Cheese Companyshared hers with our team corporate travel and reasons they support Slow Food USA.

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Founders: Sarah & Boo Simms

(Interview with Sarah)

1. What food products do you specialize in?

We are a full service cheese and charcuterie shop with natural wine, flowers, bread, gifts and supplies. We are 100% domestic, sourcing as locally and seasonally as possible. We feel like our little shop is a love letter to California.

2. How did your company start?

I founded the company in 2016 with my twin sister. I worked as a private chef for about 10 years and she as a creative director and designer. We decided to create something special together.

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3. Why do you support Slow Food USA?

We are very passionate about nutrition education and supporting local farmers and producers. So much of the cheese we sell is rooted in a deep historical tradition. We want to be a part of preserving these traditions.

4. Which part of the Slow Food mission fits your company?

Our entire business is focused on supporting a sustainable and local food culture. Our daily goal is to show and support these makers by sharing their stories. We always want the educational programs we offer to really teach people why it’s important to support small manufacturers and how their purchases and decisions impact the entire food and beverage industry.

5. How would you describe the Slow Food movement?

I would describe it as a global movement aiming to generate support and interest in traditional food growing and production; a celebration of culture, history and food tradition.

Locations: Fairfield and Greenwich Connecticut

Founder: Laura Downey, ACS-CCP & Chris Palumbo, ACS-CCP

(Interview with Laura)

1. What food products do you specialize in?Screen Shot 2023 01 26 at 8.08.23 PM

We are a cut-to-order cheese shop specializing in small batch artisanal cheeses. Our cheese box is made up of approximately 50% American artisan cheesemakers and 50% European producers. As not all European cheeses are made in small batches, we focus on producers who make the classics in the most traditional way. Whenever possible, we are happy to support small raw milk cheese dairies. Our stock items are also products that are manufactured in small batches by hand.

2. How did your company start?

My business partner and I saw a need in our community. The only options for cheese were the grocery stores and most do not carry or focus on artisan cheeses. It was important to us to highlight producers who make cheese in a way that respects animals, people and the environment. Artisan cheese is a product of agriculture and good farming practices make great cheese.

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3. Why do you support Slow Food USA?

We support Slow Food because the mission is the same as ours.

4. Which part of the Slow Food mission fits your company?

We want people to eat better foods, ask questions about how their foods were grown or produced, and realize that if they don’t actively choose those foods, they are no longer available. Food controlled by a few corporations is scary, not to mention we will lose deliciousness!

5. How would you describe the Slow Food movement?

The Slow Food movement is aimed at everyone who cares about enjoyment, the environment, animal welfare and workers. If you love good food and want to ensure its availability, you should support Slow Food.

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