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According to experts, the healthiest and unhealthiest cooking oils

Extra virgin olive oil is high in oleic acid, a type of MUFA, and retains high levels of nutrients such as vitamin E, phytosterols and at least 30 phenolic compounds11 (many of which act as antioxidants), thanks to its low degree of processing. In terms of proven health benefits, “it’s the most well-researched oil we have,” says Nielsen.

Studies12 show that olive oil serves as a protective factor against cardiovascular disease by lowering LDL cholesterol and raising beneficial HDL cholesterol, curbs inflammation and may even help boost gut health by maintaining optimal microbial biodiversity and balance in the gut Gut promotes (the polyphenol oleuropein appears to function as a prebiotic).

Olive oil was also associated with “amazing”. Mental health benefits13including reduced stress, improved mood, and reduced risk of neurodegenerative diseases,” says Naidoo, “mainly due to its high polyphenol content, which reduces inflammation and fights the harmful effects of oxidative stress.”

Eating more olive oil — especially instead of other fats — might even have an effect Extend your life14after some research.

EVOO’s high polyphenol content also helps keep it from degrading and oxidizing when heated — and while levels of these compounds decrease somewhat after cooking, there’s still enough left over to provide significant benefits, the statement said a study15. A good EVOO, rich in polyphenols, tastes fresh, slightly grassy and pleasantly peppery.

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